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Personal watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs make special demands – and YUASA’s YuMicron Battery meets them head-on. The high-tech,power-boosting design also makes YuMicron ideal for accessory-ladentouring bikes and modified machines.


  • Heavy-duty glass mat resists vibration damage
  • Special thin YuMicron Separator packs in extra plates, delivers up to 30% more cranking power than conventional types
  • Through-the-wall intercell connector minimizes internal resistance, maximizes power
  • Sulfate Stop curbs plate sulfation – and provides longer life
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  YB12AL-A2 YUAM22212 K-010122 In stock
  YB10L-B2 YUAM221L2 K-010126 In stock
  YB7C-A YUAM227CY K-010127 In stock
  YB7B-B YUAM227BB K-010130 In stock
  YB7-A YUAM227AY K-010131 In stock
  YB12C-A YUAM222CA K-010137 In stock
  YB10A-A2 YUAM221AY K-010154 In stock
  YB16B-A1 YUAM22161 K-010156 In stock
  YB12A-A YUAM2212Y K-010161 In stock
  BMW #51913 YUAM2219A K-010165 In stock
  Y50-N18L-A3 YUAM228A3TWN K-010169 In stock
  YB10L-A2 YUAM2210Y K-010170 In stock
  YB4L-B YUAM224LB K-010181 In stock
  YB5L-B YUAM225LB K-010182 In stock
  YB9-B YUAM229BY K-010183 In stock
  YB12AL-A YUAM2221Y K-010184 In stock
  YB10L-B YUAM221LB K-010193 In stock
  Y50-N18A-A YUAM228AY K-010199 In stock
  YB9L-B YUAM229LY K-010202 In stock
  SY50-N18L-AT YUAM22S8T K-010203 In stock
  YB9A-A YUAM229AY K-912102 In stock
  YB16CL-B YUAM2S6CLTWN K-912105 In stock
  YB16-B YUAM2216YTWN K-912108 In stock
  YB16AL-A2 YUAM22162 K-912112 In stock
  Y50-N18L-A YUAM2218Y K-912113 In stock
  YB18-A YUAM2281Y K-912116 In stock

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