Yuasa - Battery Conventional-YUAM2620B

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Original Equipment in most machines.
  • Special thin separators – allow two extra plates per cell to be installed, for a 30% improvement in cranking performance
  • Engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration, and deliver high cranking power
  • 6 volt and 12 volt varieties available
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  6N2-2A-4 YUASA BATTERY YUAM2620B K-010103 In stock
  6N2A-2C YUASA BATTERY YUAM262AC K-010105 In stock
  6N2A-2C-3 YUASA BATTERY YUAM262C3 K-010108 In stock
  6N4-2A YUASA BATTERY YUAM2640B K-010109 In stock
  6N4-2A-4 YUASA BATTERY YUAM2644A K-010112 In stock
  6N4-2A-5 YUASA BATTERY YUAM2645A K-010113 In stock
  6N4B-2A YUASA BATTERY YUAM26B4B K-010115 In stock
  6N4C-1B YUASA BATTERY YUAM26C4B K-010118 In stock
  6N5.5-1D YUASA BATTERY YUAM2655B K-010119 In stock
  12N7D-3B YUASA BATTERY YUAM227DB K-010120 In stock
  6N6-3B YUASA BATTERY YUAM2660B K-010123 In stock
  6N6-1D-2 YUASA BATTERY YUAM2662B K-010125 In stock
  6N6-3B-1 YUASA BATTERY YUAM2663B K-010135 Available
  6N4-2A-8 YUASA BATTERY YUAM2648A K-010138 In stock
  12N5.5-3B YUASA BATTERY YUAM2255B K-010142 In stock
  12N9-4B-1 YUASA BATTERY YUAM2290B K-010151 In stock
  12N12A-4A-1 YUASA BATTERY YUAM2221B K-010158 In stock
  YHD-12 YUASA BATTERY YUAM22H12TWN K-038078 In stock
  12N7-4A YUASA BATTERY (YUAM2274A) YUAM2274A K-912110 In stock
  12N14-3A YUASA BATTERY (YUAM2241B) YUAM2241B K-912111 In stock
  12N14-3A KIMPEX BATTERY (12N14-3A) 12N14-3A K-913007 In stock
  6N4-2A-4/-5/-8(6) KIMPEX BATTERY (6N4-2A-4/-5/-8 (6)) 6N4-2A-4/-5/-8 (6) K-913193 In stock
  6N6-3B KIMPEX BATTERY (6N6-3B) 6N6-3B K-913195 In stock

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