Twinair - Oil Filter for Honda (TA140002)

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Constructed with the highest quality paper mesh and the latest in production technologies.


Brand Model Year
HONDA TRX250 2x4 2001
HONDA TRX250EX 2x4 Sportrax 2001-2008
HONDA TRX250TE 2x4 Recon ES 2002-2014, 2016-2020
HONDA TRX250TM 2x4 Recon 2002-2009, 2011-2020
HONDA TRX250X 2x4 2009, 2011-2014, 2016-2020
HONDA TRX300 2x4 1988-2000
HONDA TRX300EX 2x4 Sportrax 1993-2009
HONDA TRX300FW 4x4 1988-2000
HONDA TRX350 2x4 1989
HONDA TRX350 4x4 1986
HONDA TRX350D 4x4 1987-1988
HONDA TRX350FE 4x4 Rancher ES 2000-2006
HONDA TRX350FM 4x4 Rancher 2000-2006
HONDA TRX350FW 4x4 1990
HONDA TRX350H 4x4 1987
HONDA TRX350L 4x4 1989
HONDA TRX350TE 2x4 Rancher ES 2000-2006
HONDA TRX350TM 2x4 Rancher 2000-2006
HONDA TRX400EX 2x4 Sportrax 1999-2009
HONDA TRX400FA 4x4 Rancher Auto 2004-2007
HONDA TRX400FG 4x4 Rancher GPS 2004-2007
HONDA TRX400FGA 4x4 Rancher GPS Auto 2006-2007
HONDA TRX400FW 4x4 Foreman 1998-2003
HONDA TRX400X 2x4 2009, 2012-2014
HONDA TRX420 4x4 Rancher DCT EPS 2015
HONDA TRX420 4x4 Rancher DCT IRS EPS 2016-2017
HONDA TRX420FA 4x4 Rancher Auto 2009-2014
HONDA TRX420FA1 4x4 Rancher Auto DCT 2014-2016
HONDA TRX420FA2 4x4 Rancher Auto DCT EPS 2014, 2017-2020
HONDA TRX420FA5 4x4 Rancher Auto DCT IRS 2015-2020
HONDA TRX420FA6 4x4 Rancher Auto DCT IRS EPS 2015-2020
HONDA TRX420FE1 4x4 Rancher ES 2007-2020
HONDA TRX420FG 4x4 Rancher GPS Auto 2009
HONDA TRX420FM1 4x4 Rancher 2007-2020
HONDA TRX420FM2 4x4 Rancher EPS 2020
HONDA TRX420FPA 4x4 Rancher EPS 2014
HONDA TRX420FPA 4x4 Rancher EPS Auto 2009-2013
HONDA TRX420FPE 4x4 Rancher ES EPS 2009-2013
HONDA TRX420FPM 4x4 Rancher EPS 2009-2014, 2016
HONDA TRX420FPM 4x4 Rancher FM EPS 2015
HONDA TRX420PG 4x4 Rancher GPS EPS Auto 2009-2014
HONDA TRX420TE 2x4 Rancher ES 2007-2016
HONDA TRX420TE1 2x4 Rancher ES 2020
HONDA TRX420TM1 2x4 Rancher 2007-2020
HONDA TRX450ES 4X4 Foreman ES 1998-2001
HONDA TRX450FE 4x4 Foreman ES 2002-2004
HONDA TRX450FM 4x4 Foreman S 2002-2004
HONDA TRX450S 4X4 Foreman S 1998-2001
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