Sixs - FANT S No-show socks

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SixsSKU: MV-600-0462

Style: Black Carbon
Size: 35/38
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No-show socks made of BreathFit Socks® fabric: for those who want their feet to always be dry, but without revealing the socks. Thanks to the polypropylene fiber, the skin is always dry and wrapped so that foul odors and annoying irritations due to an accumulation of perspiration and friction do not form • Seamless technology : Fewer seams to provide absolute comfort • Hydrophobic weave : It carries moisture to the outside so it can evaporate. The skin is always dry and thermoregulation is constant • Materials : BreathFit Socks® Ultralight, durable and extremely breathable: the composition was studied to achieve ultimate breathability and thermoregulation • 62% Polypropylene, 22% Polyamide, 16% Elastomer

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Black Carbon / 35/38 FANT S MV-600-0462 Sold out
  Black Carbon / 39/42 FANT S MV-600-0463 Sold out
  Black Carbon / 43/46 FANT S MV-600-0464 Sold out
  Black Carbon / 47/49 FANT S MV-600-0465 Sold out
  Black/Yellow / 35/38 FANT S MV-600-0472 Sold out
  Black/Yellow / 39/42 FANT S MV-600-0473 Sold out
  Black/Yellow / 43/46 FANT S MV-600-0474 Sold out
  Black/Yellow / 47/49 FANT S MV-600-0475 Sold out
  Black/Orange / 35/38 FANT S MV-600-0482 Sold out
  Black/Orange / 39/42 FANT S MV-600-0483 Sold out
  Black/Orange / 43/46 FANT S MV-600-0484 Sold out
  Black/Orange / 47/49 FANT S MV-600-0485 Sold out
  Black/Pink / 35/38 FANT S MV-600-0492 Sold out
  Black/Pink / 39/42 FANT S MV-600-0493 Sold out

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