Shoei X-14 Helmet

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Color: Red
Size: S
Design: Aerodyne
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The difference between a race win and second-place finish can be decided by mere milliseconds, which is precisely why World Champions like Marc Marquez choose the all-new SHOEI X-Fourteen to help shave time off of every lap. Track certified by the fastest rider on the planet, the X-Fourteen is a proven race weapon for those who aren't willing to sacrifice a single detail when it comes to high-end performance. Like the handcrafted race bikes that dominate MotoGP's premiere racing circuits, every detail of the X-Fourteen was carefully designed, tested and fine-tuned until this final, uncompromised masterpiece was born. The X-Fourteen—When milliseconds count.

Aerodynamic Shell Design

  • Aerodynamic properties are maximized through extensive wind tunnel testing and professional riders' feedback
  • Dual-Layer Multi-Density EPS liner enhances impact absorption and ventilation
  • Four shell and five EPS liner sizes present increased fit options that help to comfortably fit most head sizes
  • Impact absorbing EPS liner throughout the entire chin bar with Cheek Pad Cooling System
  • Standard Rear Flaps can be replaced with optional, narrower flaps to customize aerodynamics, depending on rider preference and track demands
  • Removable Lower Air Spoiler can be affixed to the chin bar to improve aerodynamic stabilization

Ventilation System

  • Upper air intake vent is positioned to maximize air volume into the helmet interior
  • Top outlet vent is separate from the Rear Stabilizer, allowing it to be positioned for optimum flow-through ventilation
  • Cheek Pad Cooling System Features: channels cut through the EPS liner and corresponding air holes in the cheek pad foam, cooling and clearing warm, humid air away from the rider's face
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included

Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+)

  • High performance fiber materials are combined with extremely elastic organic fibers into shell construction for a structure that is ultra lightweight, rigid, and resilient

3D Max-Dry Custom Interior System

  • The entire interior lining (cheek pads, upper liner, and chin strap covers) can be removed for cleaning and replaced with optional thicknesses for a customizable fit
  • Cheek pads and center pad can be manipulated to allow riders to adjust the position/angle of the helmet by up to four degrees, increasing the upper field of vision while tucked in extreme racing positions
  • Comfortable, 3D Max-Dry helmet liner material absorbs and dissipates sweat and moisture twice as fast as traditional nylon interiors, keeping aggressive riders cool and dry
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) allows emergency medical personnel to easily remove the cheek pads from an injured rider's helmet, enabling the helmet to be more easily removed from the head
  • Extra comfort provided by ear pads, removable breath guard, and chin curtain

Standard Chin-Strap Clip

  • Neatly secures chin strap

CWR-F Shield and QR-E System

  • QR-E base plate system allows for tool-less shield removal and installation
  • Exclusive patent pending Vortex Generators on shield reduce air friction
  • Scratch-resistant coating and Pinlock EVO Fog Resistant System
  • 99% protection from harmful UV A & B rays
  • All-new double shield locking mechanism prevents unwanted shield openings
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Red / S / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 1 2 SNL MV-77-12882 Sold out
  Red / M / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 1 3 SNL MV-77-12883 Sold out
  Red / L / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 1 4 SNL MV-77-12884 Sold out
  Red / XL / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 1 5 SNL MV-77-12885 Sold out
  Red / 2XL / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 1 6 SNL MV-77-12886 Sold out
  Blue / XS / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 2 1 SNL MV-77-12891 Sold out
  Blue / S / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 2 2 SNL MV-77-12892 Sold out
  Blue / M / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 2 3 SNL MV-77-12893 Sold out
  Blue / L / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 2 4 SNL MV-77-12894 Sold out
  Blue / XL / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 2 5 SNL MV-77-12895 Sold out
  Blue / 2XL / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 2 6 SNL MV-77-12896 Sold out
  Grey / XS / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 4 1 SNL MV-77-12901 Sold out
  Grey / S / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 4 2 SNL MV-77-12902 Sold out
  Grey / M / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 4 3 SNL MV-77-12903 Sold out
  Grey / L / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 4 4 SNL MV-77-12904 Sold out
  Grey / XL / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 4 5 SNL MV-77-12905 Sold out
  Grey / 2XL / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 4 6 SNL MV-77-12906 Sold out
  Gold / XS / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 9 1 SNL MV-77-12911 Sold out
  Gold / S / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 9 2 SNL MV-77-12912 Sold out
  Gold / M / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 9 3 SNL MV-77-12913 Sold out
  Gold / L / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 9 4 SNL MV-77-12914 Sold out
  Gold / XL / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 9 5 SNL MV-77-12915 Sold out
  Gold / 2XL / Aerodyne X14ZAERDN 9 6 SNL MV-77-12916 Sold out
  Blue / S / AM73 X14ZAM73 2 2 SNL MV-77-13372 Sold out
  Blue / M / AM73 X14ZAM73 2 3 SNL MV-77-13373 Sold out
  Blue / L / AM73 X14ZAM73 2 4 SNL MV-77-13374 Sold out
  Blue / XL / Kujaku X14ZAM73 2 5 SNL MV-77-13375 Sold out
  Black/Grey / XS / Kujaku X14ZKUJAK 5 1 SNL MV-77-13501 Sold out
  Black/Grey / S / Kujaku X14ZKUJAK 5 2 SNL MV-77-13502 Sold out
  Black/Grey / M / Kujaku X14ZKUJAK 5 3 SNL MV-77-13503 Sold out
  Black/Grey / L / Kujaku X14ZKUJAK 5 4 SNL MV-77-13504 Sold out
  Black/Grey / XL / Kujaku X14ZKUJAK 5 5 SNL MV-77-13505 Sold out
  Black/Grey / 2XL / Kujaku X14ZKUJAK 5 6 SNL MV-77-13506 Sold out
  Blue/Red / XS / Norick '04 X14ZNOR04 2 1 SNL MV-77-13391 Sold out
  Blue/Red / S / Norick '04 X14ZNOR04 2 2 SNL MV-77-13392 Sold out
  Blue/Red / M / Norick '04 X14ZNOR04 2 3 SNL MV-77-13393 Sold out
  Blue/Red / L / Norick '04 X14ZNOR04 2 4 SNL MV-77-13394 Sold out
  Blue/Red / XL / Norick '04 X14ZNOR04 2 5 SNL MV-77-13395 Sold out
  Blue/Red / 2XL / Norick '04 X14ZNOR04 2 6 SNL MV-77-13396 Sold out
  Black / XS / Solid X14Z BLK 1 SNL MV-77-11111 Sold out
  Black / S / Solid X14Z BLK 2 SNL MV-77-11112 Sold out
  Black / M / Solid X14Z BLK 3 SNL MV-77-11113 Sold out
  Black / L / Solid X14Z BLK 4 SNL MV-77-11114 Sold out
  Black / XL / Solid X14Z BLK 5 SNL MV-77-11115 Sold out
  Black / 2XL / Solid X14Z BLK 6 SNL MV-77-11116 Sold out
  Matte Black / XS / Solid X14Z MTBLK1 SNL MV-77-11121 Sold out
  Matte Black / S / Solid X14Z MTBLK2 SNL MV-77-11122 Sold out
  Matte Black / M / Solid X14Z MTBLK3 SNL MV-77-11123 Sold out
  Matte Black / L / Solid X14Z MTBLK4 SNL MV-77-11124 Sold out
  Matte Black / XL / Solid X14Z MTBLK5 SNL MV-77-11125 Sold out
  Matte Black / 2XL / Solid X14Z MTBLK6 SNL MV-77-11126 Sold out
  White / XS / Solid X14Z WHT 1 SNL MV-77-11131 Sold out
  White / S / Solid X14Z WHT 2 SNL MV-77-11132 Sold out
  White / M / Solid X14Z WHT 3 SNL MV-77-11133 Sold out
  White / L / Solid X14Z WHT 4 SNL MV-77-11134 Sold out
  White / XL / Solid X14Z WHT 5 SNL MV-77-11135 Sold out
  White / 2XL / Solid X14Z WHT 6 SNL MV-77-11136 Sold out

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