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Design: Solid
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The Evolution of Perfection is a fitting tagline for the longest-standing, most decorated full-face helmet model in the SHOEI lineup, the RF. The process of improving is a constant evolution, and with a world-class team of designers and engineers leading the charge, we pushed our resources and technologies to the brink, utilizing our state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility, extensive array of proprietary materials, and the industry's most stringent quality assurance practices to develop the all-new RF-1400. SHOEI's lightest and most compact SNELL-approved full-face helmet model, the RF-1400 has evolved the pursuit of perfection to the next level.


  • Developed and refined in SHOEI's state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility
  • Compact, aerodynamic shell shape with integrated spoiler
  • Strategically-shaped air intake and exhaust vents help streamline the overall profile
  • Lift reduction (upward lift forces): -6%
  • Drag reduction (forward drag forces): -4%

Advanced Noise Reduction

  • Optimal shell aerodynamics reduce wind noise around the helmet
  • Vortex Generators on the sides of the shield reduce wind turbulence
  • All-new, airtight window beading provides wind/waterproof seal
  • New, voluminous cheek pads and removable ear pads further restrain wind noise inside the helmet
  • The RF-1400 provides an incredibly quiet riding experience without blocking the road's informative sounds


  • Wind tunnel-optimized to provide the perfect balance between airflow and silence
  • Relocated center/forehead vent is equipped with an additional air intake hole for greater airflow into the helmet
  • Upper air intake holes have been enlarged for optimal performance
  • New, enlarged exhaust outlet vent for improved hot-air expulsion
  • Large 3-position lower vent shutter for ease of use with riding gloves
  • Features six (6) air intake vents and four (4) exhaust outlets

CWR-F2 Shield

  • Protects from 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays
  • 3D injection-molding ensures distortion-free view throughout the entire field of vision
  • 2D ""flat"" outside surface combined with 3D technology inside offers an aggressive look with optimized visibility
  • Vortex Generators improve shield aerodynamics and reduce wind noise
  • All-new, conveniently located center locking mechanism evenly distributes shield forces across both base plates
  • PINLOCK EVO fog-resistant system is 10% larger for improved lateral vision

CWR-F2 Base Plate

  • Completely redesigned to facilitate quicker, smoother shield changes
  • New shield adjuster mechanism provides easier, more precise tuning
  • Redesigned base plate gear has all-new ""first position"" shield opening feature for advanced venting and defogging
  • SHOEI's patented spring-loaded technology ensures a wind and waterproof seal
  • All-new airtight window beading reduces wind and water intrusion

Multi-Ply Matric Aim+ Shell

  • Proprietary technology integrates a multi-ply matrix specifically designed to meet both SNELL M2020 and DOT standards
  • Hand-laid interwoven layers of fiberglass with lightweight organic and high-performance fibers
  • Shell-integrated spoiler with consistent shell thickness guarantees proper strength and weight
  • SHOEI's strongest, lightest, most elastic shell provides optimal impact absorption

Dual-Layer/Multi-Density EPS Liner

  • Provides enhanced impact absorption by utilizing varying densities of foam
  • Allows cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the EPS
  • Precise placement of multi-density EPS material yields a more compact, lightweight design

Emergency Quick Release System

  • Allows emergency medical personnel to easily and safely remove the cheek pads from an injured rider's helmet

3D Max-Dry Interior System II

  • Fully removable, washable, replaceable and adjustable
  • Exclusive Max-Dry material absorbs and dissipates sweat 2X faster than traditional nylon interiors
  • Soft yet durable lower cheek pad fabric for a plush fit and feel
  • Three-dimensionally shaped to match the contours of a rider's head
  • Multi-layer cheek pads for improved comfort and helmet stabilization
  • Cheek pads feature more volume for greater comfort and reduced wind noise
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Black / XS / Solid R140 BLK 1 SNL MV-77-13101 In stock
  Black / S / Solid R140 BLK 2 SNL MV-77-13102 Sold out
  Black / M / Solid R140 BLK 3 SNL MV-77-13103 Sold out
  Black / L / Solid R140 BLK 4 SNL MV-77-13104 In stock
  Black / XL / Solid R140 BLK 5 SNL MV-77-13105 In stock
  Black / 2XL / Solid R140 BLK 6 SNL MV-77-13106 In stock
  White / XS / Solid R140 WHT 1 SNL MV-77-13111 Sold out
  White / S / Solid R140 WHT 2 SNL MV-77-13112 In stock
  White / M / Solid R140 WHT 3 SNL MV-77-13113 In stock
  White / L / Solid R140 WHT 4 SNL MV-77-13114 In stock
  White / XL / Solid R140 WHT 5 SNL MV-77-13115 Sold out
  White / 2XL / Solid R140 WHT 6 SNL MV-77-13116 Sold out
  White / 3XL / Solid R140 WHT 7 SNL MV-77-13117 In stock
  Yellow / XS / Solid R140 BRYLW1 SNL MV-77-13121 Sold out
  Yellow / S / Solid R140 BRYLW2 SNL MV-77-13122 Sold out
  Yellow / M / Solid R140 BRYLW3 SNL MV-77-13123 Sold out
  Yellow / L / Solid R140 BRYLW4 SNL MV-77-13124 Sold out
  Yellow / XL / Solid R140 BRYLW5 SNL MV-77-13125 In stock
  Yellow / 2XL / Solid R140 BRYLW6 SNL MV-77-13126 In stock
  Matte Black / XS / Solid R140 MTBLK1 SNL MV-77-13131 In stock
  Matte Black / S / Solid R140 MTBLK2 SNL MV-77-13132 In stock
  Matte Black / M / Solid R140 MTBLK3 SNL MV-77-13133 In stock
  Matte Black / L / Solid R140 MTBLK4 SNL MV-77-13134 In stock
  Matte Black / XL / Solid R140 MTBLK5 SNL MV-77-13135 In stock
  Matte Black / 2XL / Solid R140 MTBLK6 SNL MV-77-13136 In stock
  Matte Black / 3XL / Solid R140 MTBLK7 SNL MV-77-13137 Sold out
  Matte Blue / XS / Solid R140 MTBLM1 SNL MV-77-13141 Sold out
  Matte Blue / S / Solid R140 MTBLM2 SNL MV-77-13142 Sold out
  Matte Blue / M / Solid R140 MTBLM3 SNL MV-77-13143 In stock
  Matte Blue / L / Solid R140 MTBLM4 SNL MV-77-13144 Sold out
  Matte Blue / XL / Solid R140 MTBLM5 SNL MV-77-13145 In stock
  Matte Blue / 2XL / Solid R140 MTBLM6 SNL MV-77-13146 In stock
  Basalt Grey / XS / Solid R140 BAGRY1 SNL MV-77-13151 Sold out
  Basalt Grey / S / Solid R140 BAGRY2 SNL MV-77-13152 In stock
  Basalt Grey / M / Solid R140 BAGRY3 SNL MV-77-13153 In stock
  Basalt Grey / L / Solid R140 BAGRY4 SNL MV-77-13154 In stock
  Basalt Grey / XL / Solid R140 BAGRY5 SNL MV-77-13155 Sold out
  Basalt Grey / 2XL / Solid R140 BAGRY6 SNL MV-77-13156 Sold out

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