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The XSO chains features RK's proprietary "RX-Ring" seal design and is offered in 520, 525 & 530. All versions are available in a variety of colors. Viewed in cross-section, the RK "RX-Ring" has two lubrication pools and seal points versus the single seal point/pool design of a regular o-ring chain.

RK's XSO chains offer quality, performance and unbeatable value, for all but the most demanding high performance application.


  • "RX" Ring Chain
  • 8,500 Lbs/ft Tensile Strength.
  • RK -Japan

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
520XSO X 90L 520XSO-90 K-003253 Expect delay
520XSO X 100L 520XSO-100 K-003254 Expect delay
520XSO X 110L 520XSO-110 K-003255 Expect delay
520XSO X 120L 520XSO-120 K-003256 In stock
520XSO X 120 RDRK RR520XSO-120 K-017808 In stock
520XSO X 120 BL BB520XSO-120 K-017854 In stock

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