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  • 17” EVA boot with removable liner
  • Auto clean traction outsole
  • Nylon top with drawcord closure
  • Ultra light, EVA has great thermal properties and keeps you warm & dry
  • Antimicrobial and oil resistant
  • 1 kg for boot pair (2.2 lb.)
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Black 5 1530-N-05 K-032650 In stock
  Black 6 1530-N-06 K-032651 In stock
  Black 7 1530-N-07 K-032652 In stock
  Black 8 1530-N-08 K-032653 In stock
  Black 9 1530-N-09 K-032654 In stock
  Black 10 1530-N-10 K-032655 In stock
  Black 11 1530-N-11 K-032656 In stock
  Black 12 1530-N-12 K-032657 In stock
  Black 13 1530-N-13 K-032658 In stock
  Black 14 1530-N-14 K-032659 In stock
  Camo 5 1530-C-05 K-032660 In stock
  Camo 6 1530-C-06 K-032661 In stock
  Camo 7 1530-C-07 K-032662 In stock
  Camo 8 1530-C-08 K-032663 In stock
  Camo 9 1530-C-09 K-032664 In stock
  Camo 10 1530-C-10 K-032665 In stock
  Camo 11 1530-C-11 K-032666 In stock
  Camo 12 1530-C-12 K-032667 In stock
  Camo 13 1530-C-13 K-032668 In stock
  Green 5 1530-V-05 K-032680 In stock
  Green 6 1530-V-06 K-032681 In stock
  Green 7 1530-V-07 K-032682 In stock
  Green 8 1530-V-08 K-032683 In stock
  Green 9 1530-V-09 K-032684 In stock
  Green 10 1530-V-10 K-032685 In stock
  Green 11 1530-V-11 K-032686 In stock
  Green 12 1530-V-12 K-032687 In stock
  Green 13 1530-V-13 K-032688 In stock
  Black 15 1530-N-15 K-032017 In stock
  Green 15 1530-V-15 K-032018 In stock
  Camo 15 1530-C-15 K-032019 In stock

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