MotoZ - Tractionator Dual Venture Tire

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Size: 90/90-21 54R (Tube Tire)
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Motoz has added a new Adventure Tire option to its lineup, the “Tractionator Dual Venture.” The new tire comes in front sizes only and is intended to be paired with Motoz’s Tractionator Adventure or Tractionator RallZ rear. 

The new Dual Venture is designed for off-road performance (rated at 70% dirt / 30% street), with a hybrid compound that is high in Silica content for optimal grip in a wide variety of conditions (mud, snow, and rain). Its proven Tractionator construction and rubber compound make it ideal for either adventure or dual sport use and, according to Motoz, there is less need to change tire pressure between dirt and street. Plus the brand states it has great on-road manners too. 

Bi-Directional Tread

What makes the Dual Venture unique though is its bi-directional/reversible tread pattern. Many knobby-style tires start to cup the center knobs after a time, especially under heavy braking. This uneven wear can reduce performance significantly. For those riders that want to maximize the longevity of their front rubber, the Dual Venture lets you simply switch the direction of the tire to continue to get the most tread bite throughout its life. This can really come in handy if you are on an extended trip where quality tires are hard to source on the road.

Designed by off-road riders, for off road riders, for serious off-road traction. Technically stronger than many other adventure tyres, it’s built to hammer out the miles. It is aggressive enough of an off-road tire to handle any adventure you choose and smooth enough for any long distance street tour. Its DNA is part desert race tire and part long distance adventure touring tyre.


    Designed to improve on the performance of the Tractionator Adventure front tyres with better overall performance on road and off-road 

    Offering a unique reversible tread pattern to improve longevity of the tyre

    Non-directional, so when the lugs do begin to wear, simply flip the tyre for new tyre feel and extended mileage

    Designed to handle the toughest terrain in Australia, USA, Baja and across the globe providing superior off-road traction and long mileage

    Stronger construction than most adventure tyres give world class off-road performance with a high resistance to punctures

    Self-cleaning and self-sharpening tread pattern gives excellent predictability and power delivery

    Optimized hybrid natural/synthetic compound produces dependable grip in all weather extremes

    Superior block and profile design enables larger footprint providing superior off-road traction and high speed cornering

    More tread depth than most adventure tyres for better traction in mud and snow

    Tested and proven construction and compound for adventure touring use.


  • Application – Off-Road

    30% Road – 70% Off-Road

  • Improved World Class Performance for the Serious Adventure Rider

Available Sizes:

FRONT Tubeless: 110/80-19 (59 Q), 120/70-19 (60Q), 90/90-21 (54Q)

FRONT Tube Type:  90/90-21 (54R)


Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  90/90-21 54R (Tube Tire) M110 K-357163 Available
  90/90-21 54Q (Tubeless) M111 K-357164 Available
  110/80B19 59Q (Tubeless) M112 K-357165 In stock
  120/70B19 60Q (Tubeless) M113 K-357181 Available

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