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Mitas mousse was developed to fit perfectly Mitas motocross, enduro, extreme enduro and rally tires. Development and testing were supported by top off-road riders on various types of terrain.

Mitas mousse is available in several 18 to 21-inch sizes and three different versions:
  • Standard for all terrain use
  • Soft for hard terrain
  • Extreme for ultra-hard types of terrain.
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  100/90X19 599047 K-354553 In stock
  110/80X18 599064 K-354562 In stock
  110/90X19 599048 K-354554 Available
  120/100X18 599066 K-354563 Available
  120/80X19 599051 K-354556 Available
  120/90X18 599052 K-354557 In stock
  120/90X18 SOFT 599053 K-354558 Available
  140/80X18 EXTREME 599059 K-354561 In stock
  140/80X18 599054 K-354559 Available
  140/80X18 SOFT 599055 K-354560 Available
  80/100X21 599067 K-354564 In stock
  90/100X21 599069 K-354566 In stock
  90/90X21 599068 K-354565 Available

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