Mitas - E07+ Enduro Trail (including Dakar) Tire

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Highly popular adventure tire designed for 50% road and 50% off road use.

The E07+ was developed with a goal of successfully replacing the selected sizes of famous and very popular E07. The aim was to keep the tire performance in line with more and more powerful bikes and increasingly demanding riders. Our development team has preserved all the main benefits of the original E07 and successfully improved the tire towards the next level.

Riders will still enjoy its original multi-functionality and its original durability. A slightly modified tread pattern of E07+ delivers an improved off- and on-road riding performance. A bigger knobby design provides a plenty of open space between the tread blocks to displace sand, mud and water from the contact patch while keeping enough rubber in contact between the road and the rotating tire.
  • Developed especially for big trail motorcycles with a goal that tires and a motorcycle work together properly
  • Due to slightly modified tread pattern a tire delivers an improved off- and on-road riding performance
  • Equipped for mud and snow conditions.

Dakar version: A durable tire suitable for higher loads, longer adventure trips and extreme conditions.

TripleClamp Moto's take:

Dakar version vs. Regular

Dakar version is marked with a yellow stripe. It is a more durable and stronger tire suitable for higher loads, longer adventure trips and extreme conditions. The regular version is slightly softer, has slightly better grip but won't last as long as the Dakar version. Both versions have exception life expectancy well above most dual-sport tires.

This tire is well suited for those long distance trips that involve lots of gravel roads and pavement with occasional trail sections.


Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  90/90B21 54T+ (Tubeless) Front 224654 K-354578 Available
  90/90B21 54T+ (Tubeless) Front DAKAR 224657 K-354579 Available
  110/80B19 59T+ (Tubeless) 224444 K-354550 In stock
  110/80B19 59T DAKAR+ (Tubeless) 224448 K-354551 In stock
  120/70B19 60T DAKAR+ (Tubeless) 224142 K-354552 Available
  120/70B19 60T+ (Tubeless) 224143 K-354147 In stock
  120/80B18 62S+ (Tubeless) 224400 K-354455 Available
  130/80B17 65T+ (Tubeless) 224135 K-354454 In stock
  140/80B17 69T+ (Tubeless) Rear 224341 K-354574 Available
  140/80B17 69T+ (Tubeless) Rear DAKAR 224342 K-354575 Available
  140/80B18 70T+ (Tubeless) Rear 224417 K-354576 Available
  140/80B18 70T+ (Tubeless) Rear DAKAR 224418 K-354577 Available
  150/70B17 69T+ (Tubeless) DAKAR 224060 K-224912 In stock
  150/70B18 70T+ (Tubeless) DAKAR 224416 K-224917 In stock
  150/70B17 69T+ (Tubeless) 224059 K-224911 In stock
  150/70B18 70T+ (Tubeless) 224061 K-224913 In stock
  170/60B17 72T DAKAR+ (Tubeless) 224030 K-354549 Available
  170/60B17 72T+ (Tubeless) 224031 K-354146 In stock

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