Michelin - Pilot Street 2 Tire

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Excellent performance on both wet and dry roads for everyday use

Tremendous grip in the wet
The MICHELIN® Pilot® Street 2 tire has small central grooves and progressive side grooves designed for enhanced water evacuation

Enhanced longevity
Specifically designed for scooters and smaller displacement motorcycles, the deep tread grooves and its special compounds maximize mileage in all conditions

Optimized stability and agility
Highly responsive handling and maneuverability through traffic in wet or dry conditions result in a secure and confident ride


Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
3.50-10 59J Reinforced Front/Rear (Tubeless) 01203 K-311223 Expect delay
60/90-17 36S Reinforced Front (Tubeless) 60448 K-311214 Expect delay
70/90-14 40S Reinforced Front (Tubeless) 30305 K-311215 Expect delay
70/90-17 43S2 Reinforced Front/Rear (Tubeless) 35463 K-311217 In stock
80/90-14 46S2 Reinforced Front/Rear (Tubeless) 63992 K-311216 Expect delay
80/90-16 48S Reinforced Rear (Tubeless) 32344 K-311219 Expect delay
80/90-17 50S2 Reinforced Front/Rear (Tubeless) 74609 K-311221 In stock
90/80-17 46S Front/Rear (Tubeless) 03022 K-311222 In stock
90/90-10 50P Front/Rear (Tubeless) 56062 K-311220 Expect delay
90/90-14 52S2 Reinforced Front/Rear (Tubeless) 26568 K-311218 Expect delay
100/80-17 52S Front/Rear (Tubeless) 10418 K-311224 In stock
100/90-10 61P2 Reinforced Front/Rear (Tubeless) 18500 K-311230 Expect delay
100/90-14 57S2 Reinforced Rear (Tubeless) 56133 K-311228 Expect delay
110/70-17 54S Front (Tubeless) 16273 K-311225 Expect delay
130/70-12 62S2 Reinforced Front/Rear (Tubeless) 90993 K-311226 Expect delay
130/70-17 62S Rear (Tubeless) 94146 K-311227 Expect delay
140/70-17 66S Rear (Tubeless) 61565 K-311229 Expect delay

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