LS2 - Subverter Evo Off-Road Helmet

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Motocross enthusiasts, discover the LS2 Subverter helmet.

Unique in its category, the Subverter is a KPA lightweight helmet with the most aggressive design! It provides a wide field of vision and an ultra-flexible peak which is adjustable in height and from front to back.

Available in three (3) shell sizes with laser-cut padded linings, it provides the most comfortable fit! With thirty-five (35) separate ports, its ventilation can be described as extreme!

Using an innovative integrated synthetic sliding system, the helmet protects you and systematically decreases risks of head trauma in the event of a fall. Meeting DOT and ECE standards, the Subverter is a true champion of safety!

Available in various flamboyant graphics, or in solid colors. And now on to the MX tracks!


    • Shell: KPA (kinetic polymer alloy)
    • Ventilation system: 35 separate ports
    • Retention system: double D rings
    • Liner: moisture-wicking, removable and washable, with anti-bacterial and odour-resistant fabric
    • Padding: cut with 3D laser cutting technology
    • Shells: 3
    • Shape: Intermediate oval fit
    • Weight: 1560g ± 50 g
    • Certified: DOT and ECE 22.05

Manufacturer's Part#: 700-1021
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Astro White / Orange 2XL 700-1106 K-397246 In stock
  Astro White / Orange 3XL 700-1107 K-397247 Available
  Astro White / Orange L 700-1104 K-397244 In stock
  Astro White / Orange M 700-1103 K-397243 In stock
  Astro White / Orange S 700-1102 K-397242 In stock
  Astro White / Orange XL 700-1105 K-397245 In stock
  Astro White / Orange XS 700-1101 K-397241 Available
  Cargo Military Green 2XL 700-1136 K-397276 In stock
  Cargo Military Green 3XL 700-1137 K-397277 In stock
  Cargo Military Green L 700-1134 K-397274 In stock
  Cargo Military Green M 700-1133 K-397273 In stock
  Cargo Military Green S 700-1132 K-397272 Available
  Cargo Military Green XL 700-1135 K-397275 In stock
  Cargo Military Green XS 700-1131 K-397271 Available
  Gammax Orange / Blue 2XL 700-1156 K-397296 Available
  Gammax Orange / Blue 3XL 700-1157 K-397297 Available
  Gammax Orange / Blue L 700-1154 K-397294 In stock
  Gammax Orange / Blue M 700-1153 K-397293 In stock
  Gammax Orange / Blue S 700-1152 K-397292 In stock
  Gammax Orange / Blue XL 700-1155 K-397295 In stock
  Gammax Orange / Blue XS 700-1151 K-397291 Available
  Solid Blackout 2XL 700-1016 K-397056 In stock
  Solid Blackout 3XL 700-1017 K-397057 In stock
  Solid Blackout L 700-1014 K-397054 In stock
  Solid Blackout M 700-1013 K-397053 In stock
  Solid Blackout S 700-1012 K-397052 In stock
  Solid Blackout XL 700-1015 K-397055 In stock
  Solid Blackout XS 700-1011 K-397051 In stock
  White 2XL 700-1026 K-397036 In stock
  White 3XL 700-1027 K-397037 In stock
  White L 700-1024 K-397034 In stock
  White M 700-1023 K-397033 In stock
  White S 700-1022 K-397032 In stock
  White XL 700-1025 K-397035 In stock
  White XS 700-1021 K-397031 In stock

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