LS2 - Stream Full-Face Helmet

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A built-in, drop down sunshield on a DOT and ECE approved full-face motorcycle helmet. The LS2 Stream crushes the competition with its factory-direct pricing.


    • 1 Shell, Tricomposite fiberglass
    • Eye Port: Extra tall, allow better visibility when tucked-in
    • Visor: Optically correct, scratch resistant with tool less quick release and Pinlock™ ready
    • Sunvisor: Smoke, folding (Twin Shield System™)
    • Ventilation: Adjustable flow through
    • Retention System: Quick Release Strap
    • Liner: Moisture wicking, removable and washable
    • Padding: Emergency release cheek pads cut from one piece of high quality foam using 3D laser Cut
    • Chin: Convenient and easy to use quick release chin strap
    • Shape: Long oval fit
    • Weight: 1550 ± 50g
    • Certified: DOT and ECE

Manufacturer's Part#: 328-1001
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  2XL / Matte Black 328-1016 K-194256 In stock
  L / Matte Black 328-1014 K-194254 In stock
  M / Matte Black 328-1013 K-194253 In stock
  S / Matte Black 328-1012 K-194252 In stock
  XL / Matte Black 328-1015 K-194255 In stock
  XS / Matte Black 328-1011 K-194251 In stock
  2XL / Black 328-1006 K-194246 Available
  L / Black 328-1004 K-194244 Available
  M / Black 328-1003 K-194243 In stock
  S / Black 328-1002 K-194242 Available
  XL / Black 328-1005 K-194245 Available
  XS / Black 328-1001 K-194241 Available
  2XL / Matte Black / Purple 328-1526 K-397236 In stock
  L / Matte Black / Purple 328-1524 K-397234 Available
  M / Matte Black / Purple 328-1523 K-397233 Available
  S / Matte Black / Purple 328-1522 K-397232 Available
  XL / Matte Black / Purple 328-1525 K-397235 In stock
  XS / Matte Black / Purple 328-1521 K-397231 In stock
  2XL / White 328-1026 K-194266 Available
  L / White 328-1024 K-194264 Available
  M / White 328-1023 K-194263 Available
  S / White 328-1022 K-194262 Available
  XL / White 328-1025 K-194265 Available
  XS / White 328-1021 K-194261 Available
  XS / Blue/Yellow 328-1151 K-396121 In stock
  S / Blue/Yellow 328-1152 K-396122 In stock
  M / Blue/Yellow 328-1153 K-396123 In stock
  L / Blue/Yellow 328-1154 K-396124 In stock
  XL / Blue/Yellow 328-1155 K-396125 In stock
  2XL / Blue/Yellow 328-1156 K-396126 In stock

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