LS2 - Assault Solid Full-Face Helmet

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LS2 Assaults the competition with a class-leading full-face motorcycle helmet. The LS2 helmets Assault continues the LS2 tradition of innovative design and performance features that make riding a motorcycle the most pleasurable experience in life.


    • Shell: KPA (kinetic polymer alloy)
    • Shield: scratch-resistant and Anti-UV
    • Shape: Intermediate oval fit
    • Sun visor: smoke, folding (TwinShield System™)
    • Ventilation system: Dynamic flow-through
    • Retention system: strap with quick-release mechanism
    • Liner: moisture-wicking, removable and washable, with anti-bacterial and odour-resistant fabric
    • Padding: cut with 3D laser cutting technology
    • Shells: 2
    • Weight: 1450g ± 50 g
    • Certified: DOT and ECE 22.05

Manufacturer's Part#: 800-1011
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Matte Black - 2XL 800-1016 K-395256 In stock
  Matte Black - L 800-1014 K-395254 In stock
  Matte Black - M 800-1013 K-395253 In stock
  Matte Black - S 800-1012 K-395252 In stock
  Matte Black - XL 800-1015 K-395255 In stock
  Matte Black - XS 800-1011 K-395251 In stock
  Gloss Brush Alloy - 2XL 800-1536 K-395296 In stock
  Gloss Brush Alloy - L 800-1534 K-395294 In stock
  Gloss Brush Alloy - M 800-1533 K-395293 In stock
  Gloss Brush Alloy - S 800-1532 K-395292 Available
  Gloss Brush Alloy - XL 800-1535 K-395295 In stock
  Gloss Brush Alloy - XS 800-1531 K-395291 In stock
  Matte Titanium - 2XL 800-1036 K-395286 In stock
  Matte Titanium - L 800-1034 K-395284 In stock
  Matte Titanium - M 800-1033 K-395283 In stock
  Matte Titanium - S 800-1032 K-395282 In stock
  Matte Titanium - XL 800-1035 K-395285 In stock
  Matte Titanium - XS 800-1031 K-395281 In stock
  Matte Black/Red - 2XL 800-1116 K-397026 In stock
  Matte Black/Red - 3XL 800-1117 K-397027 In stock
  Matte Black/Red - L 800-1114 K-397024 In stock
  Matte Black/Red - M 800-1113 K-397023 In stock
  Matte Black/Red - S 800-1112 K-397022 In stock
  Matte Black/Red - XL 800-1115 K-397025 In stock
  Matte Black/Red - XS 800-1111 K-397021 In stock
  Matte Black/Graphite/Grey - 2XL 800-1166 K-395636 In stock
  Matte Black/Graphite/Grey - L 800-1164 K-395634 In stock
  Matte Black/Graphite/Grey - M 800-1163 K-395633 In stock
  Matte Black/Graphite/Grey - S 800-1162 K-395632 In stock
  Matte Black/Graphite/Grey - XL 800-1165 K-395635 In stock
  Matte Black/Graphite/Grey - XS 800-1161 K-395631 In stock
  Gloss White - 2XL 800-1026 K-395276 In stock
  Gloss White - L 800-1024 K-395274 In stock
  Gloss White - M 800-1023 K-395273 In stock
  Gloss White - S 800-1022 K-395272 Available
  Gloss White - XL 800-1025 K-395275 In stock
  Gloss White - XS 800-1021 K-395271 In stock

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