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The 4.5 Lite gloves offer premium impact protection for your knuckles and back of hand, featuring our proven NanoGrip palm material using woven fibers that are 7,500 times thinner than human hair, this along with new FormFit finger stitching gives you unbeaten grip and feel in both dry and wet conditions. The stretch material on the back of the hand is both light and offers great airflow, whereas the impact panels on the knuckles and fingers absorb energy from roost. The gloves are CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment and the knuckles as impact protection.


    • New super slim, 3D molded Airflex impact gel protection for :
      • Knuckles, third and fourth finger
    • New formfit finger stitching to give the best grip and feel
    • New Slidelock wrist strap that gives secure fastening
    • New improved upper mesh for improved ventilation
    • NanoGrip palm
    • Ultra-thin for superior bike feel
    • Ultimate dry and wet grip
    • Nano fiber technology 7.500 times thinner than hair
    • Very stretchy and flexible
    • Touch screen function
    • CE tested and certified as:
      • Personal Protective Quipment 89/686/EEC
      • Knuckle impact protection EN 13594:2015
    • Pre-curved, snug fit and seamless palm reinforced with synthetic suede
    • Multi-row, technical thread stitching for durability

Manufacturer's Part#: 6021040102

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
4.5 Black 2XL 12 6021040104 K-409086 Expect delay
4.5 Black L 10 6021040102 K-409084 Expect delay
4.5 Black M 9 6021040101 K-409083 Expect delay
4.5 Black S 8 6021040100 K-409082 Expect delay
4.5 Black XL 11 6021040103 K-409085 Expect delay
4.5 Red 2XL 12 6021040144 K-409106 Expect delay
4.5 Red L 10 6021040142 K-409104 Expect delay
4.5 Red M 9 6021040141 K-409103 Expect delay
4.5 Red S 8 6021040140 K-409102 Expect delay
4.5 Red XL 11 6021040143 K-409105 Expect delay
4.5 Cactus S 8 6022050480 K-409832 Expect delay
4.5 Cactus M 9 6022050481 K-409833 Expect delay
4.5 Cactus L 10 6022050482 K-409834 Expect delay
4.5 CACTUS XL 11 6022050483 K-409835 Expect delay
4.5 Cactus 2XL 12 6022050484 K-409836 Expect delay
4.5 Lite Royal S 8 6022050490 K-409842 Expect delay
4.5 Lite Royal M 9 6022050491 K-409843 Expect delay
4.5 Lite Royal L 10 6022050492 K-409844 Expect delay
4.5 Lite Royal XL 11 6022050493 K-409845 Expect delay
4.5 2392uk 2XL 12 6022050494 K-409846 Expect delay

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