Kimpex - Trail Trooper Tire

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  • Non-directional tread Pattern
  • Top notch handling & superior traction offer a significantly smoother ride in dirt or rock
  • Additional large shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
  25X8-12 6PR Front 25X8-12-6PR-P350 K-021102 In stock
  25X10-12 6PR Rear 25X10-12-6PR-P350 K-021103 Available
  26X8-14 6PR Front 26X8-14-6PR-P350 K-021104 Available
  26X10-14 6PR Front/Rear 26X10-14-6PR-P350 K-021105 In stock
  26X9-12 6PR Front 26X9-12-6PR-P350 K-021106 Available
  26X10-12 6PR Front/Rear 26X10-12-6PR-P350 K-021107 Available
  26X12-12 6PR Rear 26X12-12-6PR-P350 K-021108 Available
  23X8-11 4PL (Tubeless) 23X8-11-4PR-P350 K-021170 Available
  24X8-12 4PL (Tubeless) 24X8-12-4PR-P350 K-021171 In stock
  24X9-11 4PL (Tubeless) 24x9-11-4PR-P350 K-021172 In stock
  24X10-11 4PL (Tubeless) 24X10-11-4PR-P350 K-021173 Available
  26X8.00-12 6P 26X8-12-6PR-P350 K-021193 Available
  26X10.00R12 6P 26X10R12-6PR-P350 K-021194 Available
  26X8.00R-12 6P 26X8R12-6PR-P350 K-021195 Available
  25X8.00R-12 Radial 6PR 25X8R12-6PR-P350 K-021202 In stock
  25X10.00-R12 Radial 6PR 25X10R12-6PR-P350 K-021203 In stock
  26X9.00R-12 Radial 6PR 26X9R12-6PR-P350 K-021206 In stock
  26X11.00R-12 Radial 6PR 26X11R12-6PR-P350 K-021207 In stock
  27X9.00R-12 Radial 6PR 27X9R12-6PR-P350 K-021208 Available
  27X10.00R-12 Radial 6PR 27X10R12-6PR-P350 K-021209 In stock
  27X9.00R-14 Radial 6PR 27X9R14-6PR-P350 K-021210 In stock
  27X11.00R-14 Radial 6PR 27X11R14-6PR-P350 K-021211 In stock
  29X9.00R-14 Radial 8PR 29X9R14-8PR-P350 K-021212 In stock
  29X11.00R-14 Radial 8PR 29X11R14-8PR-P350 K-021213 Available

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