Kenda - Dual Sport K761 Tire

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Leaning more towards street riding than trail riding? The K761 Dual Sport is the tire for you.

  • Perfect for "on road" dual sport applications
  • DOT approved (30% dirt and 70 % road)
  • 4-ply rated casing design
  • OE replacement for Indian Motorcycles
  • Great look for today's custom builds
  • Tubeless


Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
  90/90-21 (Tubeless) 4PL 047612108B1 K-356077 Available
  100/90-19 (Tubeless) 4PL 047611905B1 K-356076 Available
  110/70-12 47J 4PL 047611222B1 K-356211 Available
  110/80-18 (Tubeless) 4PL 047611823B1 K-356074 In stock
  110/90-12 64J 4PL 047611210B1 K-356212 Available
  120/70-12 51J 4PL 047611286B1 K-356213 Available
  120/80-12 65J 4PL 047611279B1 K-356214 Available
  120/80-18 (Tubeless) 4PL 047611879B1 K-356075 In stock
  120/90-10 56J 4PL 047611012B1 K-356209 Available
  120/90-17 (Tubeless) 4PL 047611791B1 K-356072 Available
  130/60-13 53J 4PL 047611281B1 K-356218 Available
  130/70-12 56J 4PL 047611209B1 K-356215 Available
  130/90-10 61J 4PL 047611014B1 K-356210 Available
  130/80-17 (Tubeless) 4PL 04761178B1 K-356073 Available
  130/90-16 4P (Tubeless) Front 047611607B1 K-356587 Available
  130/90-16 4P (Tubeless) Rear 047611608B1 K-356586 Available
  140/60-13 57J 4PL 047611287B1 K-356219 Available
  150/80-16 4P (Tubeless) Rear 047611609B1 K-356588 Available

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