ITP - SS Alloy SS312 Wheel-1228439536B

ITPSKU: K-215404

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  • SS312 joins the proven SS Alloy solid aluminum wheel line of the strongest and lightest.
  • Features a stealthy matte black finish with bright, diamond-cut machined accents topped with a tough clear-coat
  • Heavy-duty 12-inch ATV wheel rated at 700 pounds, 14-inch side-by-side UTV applications rated at 800 pounds!
  • Lifetime structural warranty! If you bend or break it, we will replace it!
  • Custom SS wheel cap
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  12X7 4/110 5+2 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1228439536B K-215404 In stock
  12X7 4/110 2+5 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1228440536B K-215405 In stock
  12X7 4/156 4+3 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1228441536B K-215406 In stock
  12X7 4/137 5+2 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1228442536B K-215407 In stock
  12X7 4/137 5+2 12MM SS312 MACH MT/BK 1228443536B K-215408 Available
  14X6 4/110 4+2 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1428445536B K-215410 In stock
  14X8 4/110 3+5 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1428446536B K-215411 In stock
  14X8 4/110 5+3 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1428447536B K-215412 In stock
  14X6 4/156 4+2 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1428448536B K-215413 In stock
  14X8 4/156 5+3 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1428449536B K-215414 In stock
  14X6 4/137 4+2 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1428452536B K-215417 In stock
  14X8 4/137 5+3 SS312 MACH MT/BK-WHEEL 1428453536B K-215418 In stock
  14X6 4/137 4+2 12MM SS312 MACH MT/BK 1428454536B K-215419 In stock

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