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Featuring a front-tire redesign, Dunlop's Geomax MX53 tire features a taller profile to offer a larger contact patch for smoother handling, a higher lean angle and better maneuverability. 1mm taller front tire blocks have been redistributed giving riders better steering feel and more biting edges. Horseshoe block pattern reduces stiffness for greater rider compliance, and grabs dirt to provide better braking grip. Tie bars between knobs reduce flex, improving durability.


  • Block-in-a-Block technology added to front tires
  • New compounds to enhance durability and longevity.

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
  80/100-12 Rear 45236400 T-318661 In stock
  80/100-21 Front 45236987 T-318655 Available
  110/100-18 Rear 45236568 T-318665 Available
  120/80-19 Rear 45236685 T-318669 Available
  70/100-10 Rear 45236262 T-318660 In stock
  100/90-19 Rear 45236253 T-318667 Available
  60/100-14 Front 45236531 T-318652 In stock
  70/100-17 Front 45236661 T-318653 Available
  90/100-16 Rear 45236423 T-318663 Available
  120/90-18 Rear 45236545 T-318666 Available
  70/100-19 Front 45236512 T-318654 In stock
  60/100-12 Front 45236955 T-318651 In stock
  90/100-14 Rear 45236470 T-318662 Available
  120/90-19 Rear 45236791 T-318670 Available
  60/100-10 Front 45236325 T-318650 In stock
  100/100-18 Rear 45236865 T-318664 In stock
  110/90-19 Rear 45236424 T-318668 Available

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