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Tread compound delivers an excellent balance of mileage and grip. Front and rear tread patterns designed to deliver outstanding water evacuation and wet grip. Bias-ply construction designed to deliver excellent load-carrying capacity as well as a smooth ride for maximum comfort. Offset center groove delivers excellent straight-line stability. Value priced for a wide range of motorcycles.


  • WWW = Wide Whitewall.
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  80/90-21 Front 45605989 T-310506 In stock
  100/90-18 Front 45605299 T-310501 In stock
  100/90-19 Front 45605397 T-310504 In stock
  110/90-19 Front 45605424 T-310505 In stock
  110/90-18 Front 45605475 T-310502 In stock
  110/90-18 Rear 45605401 T-310517 In stock
  120/90-17 Front 45605618 T-310500 In stock
  120/90-18 Front 45605957 T-310503 In stock
  120/90-18 Rear 45605341 T-310518 In stock
  130/90-15 Rear 45605691 T-310510 In stock
  130/90-16 Front 45605964 T-310554 In stock
  130/70-18 Front 45605543 T-310507 In stock
  130/90-16 Rear 45605285 T-310513 In stock
  130/90-17 Rear 45605542 T-310516 In stock
  140/90-15 Rear 45605984 T-310511 In stock
  140/90-16 Rear 45605778 T-310514 In stock
  140/80-17 Front 45605686 T-310558 Available
  140/80-17 White Wall AERO Front 45605324 T-310556 Available
  150/90-15 Rear 45605310 T-310555 In stock
  150/90-15 White Wall Rear 45605050 T-310551 In stock
  150/80-16 Rear 45605612 T-310515 In stock
  150/80-16 White Wall Front 45605490 T-310550 In stock
  150/80-16 Front 45605987 T-310372 In stock
  150/80-17 Front 45605607 T-310537 Available
  170/80-15 Rear 45605418 T-310512 In stock

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