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Dunlop® American Elite Tires are the only replacement motorcycle tire for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, which is designed in America, tested in America and made in America. Sidewall design proudly features the American Elite name and made in USA logo. Tread design provides even tread wear and quiet operation in all conditions, wet and dry.


  • Made in USA.
  • BW = Blackwall
  • NW = Narrow Whitewall
  • WWW = Wide Whitewall.
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  240/40R18 Rear 45131730 T-310489 Available
  180/65B16 BW Rear 45131267 T-310471 In stock
  200/55R17 BW Rear 45131392 T-310473 In stock
  130/90B16 Rear 45131089 T-310498 In stock
  150/80B16 BW Rear 45131254 T-310496 In stock
  180/55B18 Rear 45131440 T-310479 In stock
  130/60B19 BW Front 45131893 T-310467 In stock
  140/90B16 WWW Rear 45131092 T-310497 Available
  100/90-19 BW Front 45131661 T-310468 In stock
  MT90B16 WWW Rear 45131419 T-310492 In stock
  MU85B16 BW Rear 45131884 T-310493 In stock
  140/75R17 BW Front 45131663 T-310472 In stock
  160/70B17 Rear 45131181 T-310499 In stock
  130/60B21 Front 45131060 T-310488 Available
  MT90B16 BW Front 45131330 T-310480 In stock
  MH90H21 BW Front 45131420 T-310476 In stock
  130/80B17 BW Front 45131178 T-310470 In stock
  130/70B18 BW Front 45131871 T-310475 In stock
  130/80B17 NW Front 45131875 T-310474 In stock
  MT90B16 WWW Front 45131391 T-310482 In stock
  130/90B16 WWW Front 45131520 T-310469 In stock
  MU85B16 WWW Rear 45131529 T-310495 In stock
  MT90B16 BW Rear 45131425 T-310490 In stock
  180/65B16 NW Rear 45131818 T-310477 Available
  MT90B16 NW Front 45131353 T-310481 Available
  MU85B16 NW Rear 45131597 T-310494 In stock
  MT90B16 NW Rear 45131814 T-310491 Available
  180/65B16 WWW Rear 45131150 T-310478 In stock

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