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D.I.D Racing Chain Professional VO-ring master links provide the proper and convenient connection of your O-ring chain. Join your Pro VO-ring chain with D.I.D. connecting links.

Available Link Type : Clip, Rivet, Master
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  RJ 415ERZ RJ415ERZ K-004019 In stock
  RJ 420NZ3 GLD RJ420NZ3 K-004426 In stock
  RJ 420V RJ420V K-004216 In stock
  RJ 420 RJ420 K-004208 In stock
  RJ 428D RJ428D K-004209 In stock
  RJ 428H RJ428HD K-004202 In stock
  FJ 428VX FJ428VX K-504006 In stock
  FJ 520VX3 GLD/BK FJ520VX3G&B K-079139 In stock
  RJ 520MX RJ520MX K-004504 In stock
  ZJ 520ZVM-X ZJ520ZVM-XG K-004673 In stock
  FJ 520ERVT G&B FJ520ERVTG&B K-504050 In stock
  ZJ 520ERT3 GLD ZJ520ERT3G K-079206 Available
  ZJ 520VX3 GLD/BK ZJ520VX3G&B K-079140 In stock
  RJ 520DZ2 GLD/BK RJ520DZ2G&B K-004726 In stock
  ZJ 520DZ2 GLD/BK ZJ520DZ2G&B K-004725 In stock
  FJ 520VX3 FJ520VX3 K-079137 In stock
  ZJ 520VX3 ZJ520VX3 K-079138 Available
  ZJ 520VO ZJ520VO K-079031 In stock
  ZJ 520VR46 SI/GLD ZJ520VR46S&G K-079188 In stock
  RJ 520 RJ520 K-004210 In stock
  FJ 520VO FJ520VO K-079026 In stock
  ZJ 520ERV7 GLD ZJ520ERV7G K-079154 In stock
  ZJ 525VX ZJ525VX K-504025 In stock
  FJ 525VX FJ525VX K-504024 In stock
  ZJ 525VR46 SI/GLD ZJ525VR46S&G K-079205 Available
  RJ 525 RJ525 K-004211 In stock
  ZJ 525VX3 ZJ525VX3 K-079155 In stock
  ZJ 525VX3 GLD/BK ZJ525VX3G&B K-079156 Available
  FJ 525VX3 FJ525VX3 K-079157 In stock
  FJ 525VX3 GLD/BK FJ525VX3G&B K-079158 In stock
  525ZVMX Black Rivet ZJ525ZVM-XB PC-1225-0716 In stock
  525ZVMX Gold Rivet 525ZVM-XGG-ML PC-950205 In stock
  525ZVMX Natural Rivet 525ZVM-XBB-ML PC-950193 In stock
  525ZVMX Silver Rivet ZJ525ZVMXS T-122645 Available
  525ZVMX2 Natural ZJ525ZVMX2 T-122509 Available
  525ZVMX2 Gold ZJ525ZVMX2G T-122510 Available
  525ZVMX2 Black ZJ525ZVMX2BK T-122511 Available
  ZJ 530VX3 GLD ZJ530VX3G K-079159 In stock
  ZJ 530VX3 ZJ530VX3 K-079160 In stock
  ZJ 530VX ZJ530VX K-504032 In stock
  ZJ 530ZVM-X GLD ZJ530ZVM-XG K-004681 Available
  FJ 530NZ FJ530NZ K-004243 In stock
  RJ 530 RJ530 K-004212 In stock
  ZJ 530VX G&B ZJ530VXG&B K-504028 In stock
  RIVET FJ 630V FJ630V K-004222 In stock

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