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Release your wild side with the Wild Thang from CST. This versatile mud tire features a fanged tread pattern that extends over the shoulder for extra cornering grip, allowing a rider to dig deeper and claw out of muddy, slick conditions. The Wild Thang’s long-wearing, lightweight 6-ply rated and bias-ply construction allows for exceptional acceleration and breaking power. Make your ATV/UTV wild by choosing the fully featured mud tire, Wild Thang, from CST.
  • Fanged tread design extends over shoulder for extra cornering grip in muddy, sloppy conditions on the trail or in the woods
  • Lightweight bias-ply construction allows for exceptional acceleration and stop-on-a-dime braking power on the trail and in the mud
  • Versatile tire design for comfortable riding on intermediate to loose-over-hardpacked conditions on your way to the mud holes

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
25X10-12 6PR (Tubeless) TM16739000 K-019223 In stock
26X11.00-12 6PR (Tubeless) TM16640600 K-019224 Expect delay
27X11.00-12 6PR (Tubeless) TM00702200 K-019233 In stock
27X12.00-14 6PR (Tubeless) TM16779500 K-019235 In stock
28X11.00-14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00717000 K-019236 In stock
28X12.00-12 6PR (Tubeless) TM16686200 K-019234 In stock
30X11.00-14 6PR (Tubeless) TM16773000 K-019237 Expect delay

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