CST - Stag CU58 Tire

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The CST Stag ATV/UTV tire features a non-directional tread pattern with alternating hook-like center lugs that claw and clean out dirt, mud, and other debris found on the trail. The CST Stag’s 6 ply-rated radial carcass absorbs rocks, roots, and bumps for ultimate ride comfort. If you are looking for a “do-it-all” tire to complete your ATV/UTV, the CST Stag is the perfect tire for you.
  • Aggressive, non-directional tread pattern
  • 6-ply-rated radial for ultimate ride comfort and predictability

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
  25X10-R12 6PR (Tubeless) TM16656500 K-019182 In stock
  25X8-R12 6PR (Tubeless) TM16138500 K-019180 In stock
  26X11.00-R12 6PR (Tubeless) TM00668000 K-019184 In stock
  26X11.00-R14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00553500 K-019188 In stock
  26X9.00-R12 6PR (Tubeless) TM00554500 K-019183 In stock
  26X9.00-R14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00555500 K-019187 In stock
  27X11.00-R12 6PR (Tubeless) TM00539800 K-019186 In stock
  27X11.00-R14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00887500 K-019190 In stock
  27X9.00-R12 6PR (Tubeless) TM00539700 K-019185 In stock
  27X9.00-R14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00816400 K-019189 In stock
  28X11.00R14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00032400 K-319225 Available
  28X9.00R14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00032500 K-319224 Available
  29X11.00-R14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00888000 K-019192 In stock
  29X9.00-R14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00816500 K-019191 In stock
  30X10.00-R14 6PR (Tubeless) TM00736000 K-019451 In stock

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