CST - Ancla C9312 Tire

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  • An aggressive utility ATV tire with a sweeping tread design which provides superior traction on all types of terrain
  • Deep, widely spaced tread bars shed mud to provide traction
  • Available in 4-ply and 6-ply ratings for extra puncture resistance
  • Comfortable ride on hardpack
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  24X10-11 6PR (Tubeless) TM16541100 K-019248 In stock
  25X10-12 4PRTL TM16737910 K-019249 In stock
  25X10-12 6PR (Tubeless) TM16737310 K-019250 In stock
  25X11-12 4PR (Tubeless) TM16679610 K-019251 In stock
  26X11-12 6PR (Tubeless) TM16665510 K-019252 In stock
  26X11-14 6PR (Tubeless) TM16185300 K-019255 In stock
  26X12-12 6PR (Tubeless) TM16676510 K-019253 In stock
  27X11-12 6PR (Tubeless) TM16679800 K-019254 In stock
  28X11-14 6PR (Tubeless) TM16774900 K-019256 In stock

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