CKX - Titan AIR FLOW Backcountry Helmet, Winter

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Titan Air Flow Helmet - Backcountry
Designed for action, the Titan Air Flow is the perfect helmet for fans of sporty backcountry high intensity rides. Enjoy maximum air circulation thanks to its many ventilation ports, a perforated lining and optimized components for ventilation and breathability.

Stay the course to the top and miss nothing of the landscapes to conquer, thanks to the exceptional field of vision provided by the 210° backcountry goggles with ventilated foam. To converse with your riding buddies, drink or simply breathe the fresh air, no need to remove your helmet, just open the removable muzzle, a unique characteristic of the CKX Titan helmets.

Are you a fan of the backcountry style in its true tradition? Opt for the CKX Titan Air Flow.
Numerous patent applications are pending.

Helmet features:
  • Fiberglass composite or carbon fiber shell
  • Carbon fiber weight: 1350 g ± 50 g (without goggles)
  • Fiberglass composite weight: 1450 g ± 50 g (without goggles)
  • 2 shell sizes (XS-L/XL-3XL)
  • 4 EPS sizes
  • Dual air vents on each side
  • Integrated front air vents
  • Amplified air intake at muzzle
  • Removable muzzle to free the lower face
  • Height-adjustable peak
  • Perforated lining, removable and washable
  • Open cheek pads, removable and washable
  • ProClip quick release chin strap
  • Exceeds ECE 22.05 standard
210° goggle features :
  • Fully ventilated polyurethane flexible googles 210° frame
  • Clear double lens, UV protection, anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment
  • Removable nose guard
  • RapidClip strap
Included :
  • 2 removable breath guards: Neoprene and rubber
  • Face guard
  • 2 chin curtains: A long and a short one
  • Vent plugs
  • Mount and security cable for GoPro cameras
  • Air Flow: More vents, more air flow
  • Original: less vents, better suited for extremely cold rides.

CKX Titan snowmobile helmet comes in two models, Air Flow and the Original. Both are designed for use in the winter time however, the Air Flow model has more vents for more air flow on the shell and on the chin cover. 

For extremely cold rides the manufacturer recommends the "Original" model. Both models can be purchased with regular or heated googles (sometimes referred to as electric model).

*The Titan Original can be equipped with a heated lens when you purchase the transformation packages (120098 clear / 120099 yellow).

*The Titan Original Electric Combo includes electric goggles. - Offered only for helmets in black matte or glossy black and in carbon version

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Matte Black / XS 509741 K-509741 In stock
  Matte Black / S 509742 K-509742 In stock
  Matte Black / M 509743 K-509743 In stock
  Matte Black / L 509744 K-509744 In stock
  Matte Black / XL 509745 K-509745 In stock
  Matte Black / 2XL 509746 K-509746 In stock
  Matte Black / 3XL 509747 K-509747 In stock
  Black / XS 509751 K-509751 In stock
  Black / S 509752 K-509752 In stock
  Black / M 509753 K-509753 In stock
  Black / L 509754 K-509754 Available
  Black / XL 509755 K-509755 In stock
  Black / 2XL 509756 K-509756 In stock
  Black / 3XL 509757 K-509757 In stock
  Carbon / XS 509901 K-509901 In stock
  Carbon / S 509902 K-509902 In stock
  Carbon / M 509903 K-509903 In stock
  Carbon / L 509904 K-509904 In stock
  Carbon / XL 509905 K-509905 In stock
  Carbon / 2XL 509906 K-509906 In stock
  Carbon / 3XL 509907 K-509907 Available
  Carbon|Camel Glossy / XS 516201 K-516201 Available
  Carbon|Camel Glossy / S 516202 K-516202 Available
  Carbon|Camel Glossy / M 516203 K-516203 In stock
  Carbon|Camel Glossy / L 516204 K-516204 In stock
  Carbon|Camel Glossy / XL 516205 K-516205 Available
  Carbon|Camel Glossy / 2XL 516206 K-516206 In stock
  Carbon|Camel Glossy / 3XL 516207 K-516207 Available
  Carbon|Blue|Red|Camel Glossy / XS 516211 K-516211 Available
  Carbon|Blue|Red|Camel Glossy / S 516212 K-516212 Available
  Carbon|Blue|Red|Camel Glossy / M 516213 K-516213 Available
  Carbon|Blue|Red|Camel Glossy / L 516214 K-516214 Available
  Carbon|Blue|Red|Camel Glossy / XL 516215 K-516215 In stock
  Carbon|Blue|Red|Camel Glossy / 2XL 516216 K-516216 Available
  Carbon|Blue|Red|Camel Glossy / 3XL 516217 K-516217 Available
  Pink|Turquoise Glossy / 2XL 516176 K-516176 Available
  Pink|Turquoise Glossy / 3XL 516177 K-516177 Available
  Glossy red / XS 516181 K-516181 Available
  Glossy red / S 516182 K-516182 Available
  Glossy red / M 516183 K-516183 In stock
  Glossy red / L 516184 K-516184 In stock
  Glossy red / XL 516185 K-516185 Available
  Glossy red / 2XL 516186 K-516186 In stock
  Glossy red / 3XL 516187 K-516187 In stock
  Glossy Blue / XS 516191 K-516191 Available
  Glossy Blue / S 516192 K-516192 Available
  Glossy Blue / M 516193 K-516193 In stock
  Glossy Blue / L 516194 K-516194 Available
  Glossy Blue / XL 516195 K-516195 In stock
  Glossy Blue / 2XL 516196 K-516196 In stock
  Glossy Blue / 3XL 516197 K-516197 In stock
  Pink|Turquoise Glossy / XS 516171 K-516171 In stock
  Pink|Turquoise Glossy / S 516172 K-516172 In stock
  Pink|Turquoise Glossy / M 516173 K-516173 In stock
  Pink|Turquoise Glossy / L 516174 K-516174 Available
  Pink|Turquoise Glossy / XL 516175 K-516175 Available

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