Bridgestone - BattleCruise H50 Tire

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  • High performance tires designed specifically with the American V-Twin rider in mind.
  • Developed compound (rear) and profiles offer the optimal balance of handling, mileage and rider comfort.
  • Carcass designed for easier steering and improved ride quality for long distance riding.
  • Optimum tread pattern for high powered American V-Twins with attractive diamond cross deco-groove.
  • First Bridgestone motorcycle tire to be offered with a supplemental Road Hazard warranty.
  • Compares to: Dunlop American Elite, Michelin Commander II, Pirelli Night Dragon, Metzeler ME880/888.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  80/90-21 54H Front (Tubeless) 6912 K-037119 In stock
  100/80-17 52H Front (Tubeless) 8708 K-122192 Available
  100/90B19 57H Front (Tubeless) 6911 K-037118 In stock
  120/70ZR18 59W Front (Tubeless) 8925 K-122233 In stock
  120/70B19M/C Front (Tubeless) 12251 K-122566 Available
  130/60B19 61H Front (Tubeless) 9037 K-122237 In stock
  130/60B21 63H Front (Tubeless) 9090 K-122239 In stock
  130/70B18 63H Front (Tubeless) 7082 K-122234 Available
  130/80B17 65H Front (Tubeless) 8817 K-122231 In stock
  130/90B16 67H Front (Tubeless) 6926 K-037117 In stock
  130/90B16 73H Front (Tubeless) 6561 K-037116 In stock
  130/90B16 73H Rear (Tubeless) 6913 K-037153 In stock
  130/90B16M/C Front (Tubeless) 12662 K-122567 Available
  140/75R17 67V Front (Tubeless) 8846 K-122232 In stock
  140/75R15 52H Rear (Tubeless) 11497 K-122356 In stock
  140/90B16 77H Rear (Tubeless) 6914 K-037152 In stock
  150/60ZR17 66W Rear (Tubeless) 8847 K-122243 Available
  150/80B16 77H Rear (Tubeless) 6562 K-037123 In stock
  160/70B17 73V Rear (Tubeless) 6915 K-037154 Available
  180/70B16 77H Rear (Tubeless) 8821 K-122241 Available
  180/55B18 80H Rear (Tubeless) 9091 K-122247 In stock
  180/60B17 75V Rear (Tubeless) 8820 K-122244 In stock
  180/65B16 81H Rear (Tubeless) 8819 K-122240 In stock
  200/55R17 78V Rear (Tubeless) 8786 K-122246 In stock
  240/40R18 79V Rear (Tubeless) 9032 K-122248 In stock

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