Bridgestone - Battlax BT46 Tire

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  • Bias-Ply Tire designed for vintage sport and touring motocycles
  • New silica single compound in the rear to maximize performance, grip, and wear
  • Increased wet performance
  • No sacrifice in wear life


Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
3.25-19 Front 54H (Tubeless) 11659 K-122382 In stock
4.00-18 Rear 64H (Tubeless) 11647 K-122393 Expect delay
90/90-21 54H Front (Tubeless) 13637 K-122474 Expect delay
90/90-18 Front 51H (Tubeless) 11658 K-122381 Expect delay
100/80-17M/C Front (Tubeless) 12330 K-122508 Expect delay
100/80-18M/C Front (Tubeless) 12327 K-122509 Expect delay
100/90-16M/C Front (Tubeless) 12325 K-122514 Expect delay
100/90-18 Front 56H (Tubeless) 11661 K-122376 In stock
100/90-18 Front 56V (Tubeless) 11654 K-122374 Expect delay
100/90-19 Front (Tubeless) 12748 K-122515 Expect delay
100/90-19 Front 57V (Tubeless) 11637 K-122378 In stock
110/70-17 Front 54H (Tubeless) 11666 K-122383 In stock
110/80-17 Front 57H (Tubeless) 11655 K-122380 Expect delay
110/80-18M/C Front (Tubeless) 12329 K-122516 Expect delay
110/80-18 Rear 58H (Tubeless) 11643 K-122392 Expect delay
110/90-16M/C Front (Tubeless) 12671 K-122517 Expect delay
110/90-18 61V Front (Tubeless) 13593 K-122473 Expect delay
110/90-18 Front 61H (Tubeless) 11652 K-122379 In stock
110/90-18 Rear 61H (Tubeless) 11649 K-122394 Expect delay
120/70-17M/C Front (Tubeless) 12250 K-122518 Expect delay
120/80-16M/C Front (Tubeless) 12328 K-122519 Expect delay
120/80-17 Rear 61H (Tubeless) 11669 K-122384 In stock
120/80-18 Rear 62H (Tubeless) 11672 K-122396 In stock
120/90-17 Rear 64V (Tubeless) 11674 K-122397 Expect delay
120/90-18 Rear 65V (Tubeless) 11642 K-122391 Expect delay
130/70-17 Rear 62H (Tubeless) 11622 K-122386 In stock
130/70-18 Rear 63H (Tubeless) 11656 K-122395 Expect delay
130/80-17 Rear 65H (Tubeless) 11632 K-122375 Expect delay
130/80-18M/C Rear (Tubeless) 12253 K-122524 Expect delay
130/90-16 Rear 67H (Tubeless) 11635 K-122389 In stock
130/90-17 Rear 68V (Tubeless) 11620 K-122385 Expect delay
140/70-17 Rear 66H (Tubeless) 11678 K-122404 In stock
140/70-18 Rear 67H (Tubeless) 11640 K-122390 Expect delay
140/80-17 Rear 69V (Tubeless) 11623 K-122387 Expect delay
150/70-17 Rear 69H (Tubeless) 11625 K-122388 Expect delay
150/70-18M/C Rear (Tubeless) 12324 K-122525 Expect delay
150/80-16 Rear 71V (Tubeless) 11677 K-122399 Expect delay

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