Bridgestone - Battlax AdventureCross AX41 Tire

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Designed specifically with the Adventure enthusiast in mind. This 40/60 Adventure tire is the perfect compliment to your modern Adventure motorcycle, and delivers uncompromising performance both on and off-road.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  2.75-21 45P Front (Tubeless) 11619 K-122407 Available
  4.00-18 64P Rear (Tubeless) 11648 K-122435 Available
  4.10-18 59P Rear (Tubeless) 11639 K-122416 Available
  80/100-21 Front 51P (Tubeless) 11634 K-122369 In stock
  90/90-21 54Q (Tubeless) 11457 K-122323 In stock
  90/90-21 54H Front (Tubeless) 11808 K-122171 In stock
  90/100-19 55P Front (Tubeless) 11636 K-122415 In stock
  90/90-21 54H Front (Tube Tire) 11806 K-122170 In stock
  100/90-18 56P Front (Tubeless) 11673 K-122443 In stock
  100/90-19 57Q (Tubeless) 11454 K-122322 In stock
  110/80-19 59Q (Tubeless) 11455 K-122324 In stock
  120/70-19 60Q 11456 K-122353 In stock
  120/80-18 Rear 62P (Tubeless) 11644 K-122370 In stock
  120/90-16 63P Rear (Tubeless) 11671 K-122439 Available
  120/90-17 Rear 64P (Tubeless) 11675 K-122373 In stock
  120/90-18 Rear 65P (Tubeless) 11645 K-122371 In stock
  130/80-17 Rear 65P (Tubeless) 11662 K-122372 Available
  130/80-17 65Q (Tubeless) 11463 K-122328 Available
  130/80-18M/C (Tubeless) 11627 K-122455 Available
  130/80-18 66P Rear (Tubeless) 11641 K-122434 In stock
  140/80-17 69Q (Tubeless) 11458 K-122325 In stock
  150/70-17 69Q (Tubeless) 11460 K-122326 In stock
  150/70R18 70H Rear (Tubeless) 11809 K-122180 In stock
  150/70-18 70Q 11462 K-122354 In stock
  170/60-17 72Q (Tubeless) 11461 K-122327 In stock

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