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A smooth instead of ridged shell
The shell itself is consistently round and smooth, maintaining the Glancing Off shape concept in areas above the acknowledged test line and influencing those below the test line. Here, the rounded chin bar maintains the same compact shell length as the previous model, the VX-Pro3. The result is less protrusion, which may be less likely to catch and dig in during a spill.

Shell material
In order to maximize performance, we precisely assemble the shell from multiple proprietary components. Super fiber, one of the primary materials, costs up to six times more than standard fiberglass but provides 30% higher tensile strength and increased penetration resistance. The PB-cLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction) method demands precise and time-consuming assembly by master crafts-men from many individual pieces.

Chin bar vent grill
Installed on the uniquely rounded chin bar, the stainless mesh grill is now mounted from the outside on the exterior vent cap and can be easily removed for cleaning or damage replacement. The vent cap is also designed to break away from the chin bar in the event of impact.

Rear Duct
The Air-Through top-rear-duct center brace also functions as a goggle-strap locator. The diffusers can be removed or replaced quickly and easily by removing a single screw on the rear-duct center brace.

Improved peak
The peak is 14mm longer and 5mm wider than the previous model for improved ability to deflect roost and flying debris. To compensate for increased lift, the air outlets on the improved peak have been made larger as well. Made with durable, yet extremely flexible material, mounted with plastic screws designed to break on impact, so as not to snag on impact which could send energy into the helmet or cause excess rotational force.

Emergency release system
The revised Emergency Release Cheek Pad system has the release tab repositioned and is easier to access by rescue staff. Pioneered by Arai, the concept behind the emergency release cheek pad design was to allow trained medical personnel easier access to an injured rider, reducing the chance of unintentional injury.

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
  Black-Frost / XS 685311173775 K-830541 Available
  Black-Frost / S 685311173782 K-830542 Available
  Black-Frost / M 685311173799 K-830543 Available
  Black-Frost / L 685311173805 K-830544 Available
  Black-Frost / XL 685311173812 K-830545 Available
  Black-Frost / 2XL 685311173829 K-830546 Available
  Block / XS 685311185877 K-830551 Available
  Block / S 685311185884 K-830552 Available
  Block / M 685311185891 K-830553 Available
  Block / L 685311185907 K-830554 Available
  Block / XL 685311185914 K-830555 Available
  Resolute Red / XS 685311186256 K-830561 Available
  Resolute Red / S 685311186263 K-830562 Available
  Resolute Red / M 685311186270 K-830563 Available
  Resolute Red / L 685311186287 K-830564 Available
  Resolute Red / XL 685311186294 K-830565 Available
  Resolute Yellow / XS 685311186300 K-830571 Available
  Resolute Yellow / S 685311186317 K-830572 Available
  Resolute Yellow / M 685311186324 K-830573 Available
  Resolute Yellow / L 685311186331 K-830574 Available
  Resolute Yellow / XL 685311186348 K-830575 Available
  Scoop Red / XS 685311183026 K-830581 Available
  Scoop Red / S 685311183033 K-830582 Available
  Scoop Red / M 685311183040 K-830583 Available
  Scoop Red / L 685311183057 K-830584 Available
  Scoop Red / XL 685311183064 K-830585 In stock
  Scoop Yellow / XS 685311182975 K-830591 Available
  Scoop Yellow / S 685311182982 K-830592 Available
  Scoop Yellow / M 685311182999 K-830593 Available
  Scoop Yellow / L 685311183002 K-830594 Available
  Scoop Yellow / XL 685311183019 K-830595 Available
  Stanton / XS 685311185341 K-830601 Available
  Stanton / S 685311185358 K-830602 Available
  Stanton / M 685311185365 K-830603 Available
  Stanton / L 685311185372 K-830604 Available
  Stanton / XL 685311185389 K-830605 Available
  White / XS 685311173652 K-830611 Available
  White / S 685311173669 K-830612 Available
  White / M 685311173676 K-830613 Available
  White / L 685311173683 K-830614 Available
  White / XL 685311173690 K-830615 Available
  White / 2XL 685311173706 K-830616 Available

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