Arai - Corsair-X Full-Face Helmet

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Color: Aluminum Silver
Size: XS
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Perhaps the most fabled name in the entire Arai lineup, the Corsair has long been renowned as one of the most advanced, highest quality helmets available anywhere in the world. It represents the culmination of our vast experience in helmet design and unwavering focus on rider protection. And with features like the ingenious VAS shield mechanism, exceptional ventilation and an odor resistant interior lining, the Corsair-X has certainly earned its place as our flagship model.

Internal air channel
Improved ventilation with an enhanced air extraction system, pulling hot/ moist air from the eye port area through ducted channels behind the cheek pads that exhaust out the side cowl vents. This helps keep the rider cool and helps to reduce fogging.

PB-SNC Shell
A new resin (Z Resin) developed and blended in house, bonds the many layers and materials of the shell more securely using less resin, improving shell strength as well as reducing weight. The proprietary Super Fiber and special synthetic reinforcing fi bers allow Arai to produce a stronger, yet lighter shell with excellent Glancing Off properties. The addition of the internal Structural net and Peripheral belt further strengthen the shell with minimal increase to weight or thickness.

Shield Latch
The VAS latch captures and securely holds the shield closed to help resist unexpected opening. In addition to the de-mist function, the larger latch allows for intuitive and seamless shield operation, even with heavy gloves. Even in the de-mist position, the shield has a positive stop to resist unintentional opening, but with a slight pull on the lift tab to clear this stop the shield simply lifts with ease.

The center IC Duct5 takes in 11% more air and the Type-12 diffuser intakes each take in 19% more air than the previous designs. All use a three-position slide gate to improve sealing for reduced noise and water intrusion. All Arai vents are lightly mounted to remain frangible, so they easily come off in an impact so as not to snag on obstacles or cause excess rotational force.
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Aluminum Silver / XS 685311168610 K-830001 Available
  Aluminum Silver / S 685311168627 K-830002 Available
  Aluminum Silver / M 685311168634 K-830003 Available
  Aluminum Silver / L 685311168641 K-830004 In stock
  Aluminum Silver / XL 685311168658 K-830005 Available
  Aluminum Silver / 2XL 685311168665 K-830006 Available
  Black / XS 685311168436 K-830011 Available
  Black / S 685311168443 K-830012 Available
  Black / M 685311168450 K-830013 In stock
  Black / L 685311168467 K-830014 In stock
  Black / XL 685311168474 K-830015 Available
  Black / 2XL 685311168481 K-830016 Available
  Black-Frost / XS 685311168733 K-830021 Available
  Black-Frost / S 685311168740 K-830022 Available
  Black-Frost / M 685311168757 K-830023 In stock
  Black-Frost / L 685311168764 K-830024 In stock
  Black-Frost / XL 685311168771 K-830025 Available
  Black-Frost / 2XL 685311168788 K-830026 In stock
  Dani Samurai-2 Black / XS 685311169754 K-830031 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Black / S 685311169761 K-830032 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Black / M 685311169778 K-830033 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Black / L 685311169785 K-830034 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Black / XL 685311169792 K-830035 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Black / 2XL 685311169808 K-830036 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Blue / XS 685311169693 K-830041 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Blue / S 685311169709 K-830042 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Blue / M 685311169716 K-830043 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Blue / L 685311169723 K-830044 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Blue / XL 685311169730 K-830045 Available
  Dani Samurai-2 Blue / 2XL 685311169747 K-830046 Available
  HAGA GP / XS 685311183330 K-830051 Available
  HAGA GP / S 685311183347 K-830052 Available
  HAGA GP / M 685311183354 K-830053 Available
  HAGA GP / L 685311183361 K-830054 Available
  HAGA GP / XL 685311183378 K-830055 Available
  HAGA GP / 2XL 685311183385 K-830056 Available
  Kiyonari Frost / XS 685311169815 K-830061 Available
  Kiyonari Frost / S 685311169822 K-830062 Available
  Kiyonari Frost / M 685311169839 K-830063 Available
  Kiyonari Frost / L 685311169846 K-830064 Available
  Kiyonari Frost / XL 685311169853 K-830065 Available
  Kiyonari Frost / 2XL 685311169860 K-830066 Available
  Kiyonari Trico Frost / XS 685311183583 K-830071 Available
  Kiyonari Trico Frost / S 685311183590 K-830072 Available
  Kiyonari Trico Frost / M 685311183606 K-830073 Available
  Kiyonari Trico Frost / L 685311183613 K-830074 Available
  Kiyonari Trico Frost / XL 685311183620 K-830075 Available
  Kiyonari Trico Frost / 2XL 685311183637 K-830076 Available
  KR-2 / XS 685311183644 K-830081 Available
  KR-2 / S 685311183651 K-830082 Available
  KR-2 / M 685311183668 K-830083 Available
  KR-2 / L 685311183675 K-830084 Available
  KR-2 / XL 685311183682 K-830085 Available
  KR-2 / 2XL 685311183699 K-830086 Available
  Nakagami-3 / XS 685311183408 K-830091 Available
  Nakagami-3 / S 685311183415 K-830092 Available
  Nakagami-3 / M 685311183422 K-830093 Available
  Nakagami-3 / L 685311183439 K-830094 Available
  Nakagami-3 / XL 685311183446 K-830095 Available
  Nakagami-3 / 2XL 685311183453 K-830096 Available
  REA-5 / XS 685311170354 K-830101 Available
  REA-5 / S 685311170361 K-830102 Available
  REA-5 / M 685311170378 K-830103 Available
  REA-5 / L 685311170385 K-830104 Available
  REA-5 / XL 685311170392 K-830105 Available
  REA-5 / 2XL 685311170408 K-830106 Available
  Takumi Frost / XS 685311183521 K-830111 Available
  Takumi Frost / S 685311183538 K-830112 Available
  Takumi Frost / M 685311183545 K-830113 Available
  Takumi Frost / L 685311183552 K-830114 Available
  Takumi Frost / XL 685311183569 K-830115 Available
  Takumi Frost / 2XL 685311183576 K-830116 Available
  Tatsuki Frost / XS 685311183460 K-830121 Available
  Tatsuki Frost / S 685311183477 K-830122 Available
  Tatsuki Frost / M 685311183484 K-830123 Available
  Tatsuki Frost / L 685311183491 K-830124 Available
  Tatsuki Frost / XL 685311183507 K-830125 Available
  Tatsuki Frost / 2XL 685311183514 K-830126 Available
  White / XS 685311168375 K-830131 Available
  White / S 685311168382 K-830132 Available
  White / M 685311168399 K-830133 Available
  White / L 685311168405 K-830134 In stock
  White / XL 685311168412 K-830135 Available
  White / 2XL 685311168429 K-830136 Available
  Nicky Reset / XS 685311186164 K-830991 Available
  Nicky Reset / S 685311186171 K-830992 Available
  Nicky Reset / M 685311186188 K-830993 Available
  Nicky Reset / L 685311186195 K-830994 Available
  Nicky Reset / XL 685311186201 K-830995 Available
  Nicky Reset / 2XL 685311186218 K-830996 Available

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