Arai - Cheek Pads For VXP4 , Corsair-X , Signet-X and Quantum-X EP Helmets

AraiSKU: K-830936

Helmet: VXP4
Size: 15mm
Sale price$48.00 USD
In stock (5 units)

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Replacement Cheek pads for VX-Pro4 and Corsair-X / Signet-X / Quantum-X

Replacement cheek-pad set with dark blue surface material, sculpted contact surface for an improved secure fit with a softer feel. Noise attenuating foam in the ear-pocket help reduce noise. Recess pocket for easy speaker installation.

Updated Emergency Cheepad Removal strap.

Standard refers to the pad sizes that come with a new helmet.

All pads fit all helmet sizes.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  VXP4 / 15mm 055416 K-830936 In stock
  VXP4 / 20mm 055417 K-830937 In stock
  VXP4 / 25mm 055418 K-830938 In stock
  VXP4 / 30mm 055419 K-830939 In stock
  VXP4 / 35mm 055420 K-830940 In stock
  Corsair-X / Signet-X / Quantum-X / 15mm 055698 K-830941 In stock
  Corsair-X / Signet-X / Quantum-X / 20mm 055699 K-830942 In stock
  Corsair-X / Signet-X / Quantum-X / 25mm 055700 K-830943 Available
  Corsair-X / Signet-X / Quantum-X / 30mm 055701 K-830944 Available
  Corsair-X / Signet-X / Quantum-X / 35mm 055702 K-830945 Available
  Corsair-X / Signet-X / Quantum-X / 40mm 055703 K-830946 In stock

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