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Size: XS
Colour: Hypen (Black/Red/White)
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Versatility defines the K6. Suitable for every type of riding and all riding surfaces, it incorporates the best characteristics from the sport and touring worlds and is ideal for taking on any two-wheeled challenge, from leaning into the turns on winding roads to long-range trips, by way of everyday city rides.

Its carbon and aramid fiber shell ensures the very best protective performance in its category and makes it the lightest full-face road helmet in the world. The aerodynamic shapes are optimized for excellent stability and air penetration in any riding position, making this solution perfect for riders who want the freedom to select his/her own riding style, without compromise. The premium interiors are waterproof and ventilated. They are designed so riders can cover infinite miles in total comfort with only the road ahead to focus on. The air vents on the forehead and chin guard are designed for easy adjustment even when wearing gloves, which means the rider has the right amount of ventilation all the time.

Special Features:


  • Carbon-Aramid fiber
  • 4 shell sizes
  • 5-density EPS developed in 4 sizes
  • Collarbone safe profile


  • 5 front vents
  • 1 wide rear extractor
  • Adjustable air vents


  • Optimized for all riding positions
  • Shell shape designed to reduce turbulence


  • Cheek pads: Ritmo fabric to facilitate putting on/taking off the helmet, with cheekbone area in Shalimar fabric to ensure stability at high speed
  • Crown pad: Shalimar fabric for a soft and gentle touch
  • Neck roll: Ritmo fabric and synthetic leather with high abrasion resistance and water-resistant treatment
  • Sanitized®: antibacterial protection
  • 2Dry: instant sweat absorption
  • Microsense: premium skin comfort
  • Embracing neck roll profile
  • Fit especially designed to allow wearing glasses
  • Cheek pads safety release system
  • Reflective inserts
  • All parts are easily removable and washable
  • Removable nose guard
  • Ready for AGV ARK communication system


  • 190° horizontal field of view
  • 85° vertical field of view
  • Optic class 1
  • 4mm thickness
  • 100% Max Vision Pinlock (120) included
  • Anti-scratch
  • Metal visor mechanism
  • Multistep visor mechanism
  • Patented Extra Quick Release System
  • Patented visor lock system
  • Micro-opening system


  • Double D


  • Wind protector
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  2XL / Hypen (Black/Red/White) 216301O2MY004XXL IT-7502024448 Sold out
  L / Hypen (Black/Red/White) 216301O2MY004L IT-7502024446 Sold out
  ML / Hypen (Black/Red/White) 216301O2MY004ML IT-7502024445 Sold out
  MS / Hypen (Black/Red/White) 216301O2MY004MS IT-7502024443 Sold out
  S / Hypen (Black/Red/White) 216301O2MY004S IT-7502024442 Sold out
  XL / Hypen (Black/Red/White) 216301O2MY004XL IT-7502024447 Sold out
  XS / Hypen (Black/Red/White) 216301O2MY004XS IT-7502024441 In stock
  2XL / Hypen (White/Red/Blue) 216301O2MY003XXL IT-7502024438 Sold out
  L / Hypen (White/Red/Blue) 216301O2MY003L IT-7502024436 Sold out
  ML / Hypen (White/Red/Blue) 216301O2MY003ML IT-7502024435 Sold out
  MS / Hypen (White/Red/Blue) 216301O2MY003MS IT-7502024433 Sold out
  S / Hypen (White/Red/Blue) 216301O2MY003S IT-7502024432 Sold out
  XL / Hypen (White/Red/Blue) 216301O2MY003XL IT-7502024437 Sold out
  XS / Hypen (White/Red/Blue) 216301O2MY003XS IT-7502024431 Sold out
  2XL / Minimal (Black/Pearl White/ Aqua) 216301O2MY007XXL IT-7502024478 Sold out
  L / Minimal (Black/Pearl White/ Aqua) 216301O2MY007L IT-7502024476 Sold out
  ML / Minimal (Black/Pearl White/ Aqua) 216301O2MY007ML IT-7502024475 Sold out
  MS / Minimal (Black/Pearl White/ Aqua) 216301O2MY007MS IT-7502024473 Sold out
  S / Minimal (Black/Pearl White/ Aqua) 216301O2MY007S IT-7502024472 In stock
  XL / Minimal (Black/Pearl White/ Aqua) 216301O2MY007XL IT-7502024477 Sold out
  XS / Minimal (Black/Pearl White/ Aqua) 216301O2MY007XS IT-7502024471 In stock
  2XL / Minimal (Dark Grey/Fluorescent Yellow) 216301O2MY006XXL IT-7502024468 Sold out
  L / Minimal (Dark Grey/Fluorescent Yellow) 216301O2MY006L IT-7502024466 Sold out
  ML / Minimal (Dark Grey/Fluorescent Yellow) 216301O2MY006ML IT-7502024465 Sold out
  MS / Minimal (Dark Grey/Fluorescent Yellow) 216301O2MY006MS IT-7502024463 Sold out
  S / Minimal (Dark Grey/Fluorescent Yellow) 216301O2MY006S IT-7502024462 Sold out
  XL / Minimal (Dark Grey/Fluorescent Yellow) 216301O2MY006XL IT-7502024467 In stock
  XS / Minimal (Dark Grey/Fluorescent Yellow) 216301O2MY006XS IT-7502024461 Sold out
  2XL / Minimal (Matte Black/White/Red) 216301O2MY005XXL IT-7502024458 Sold out
  L / Minimal (Matte Black/White/Red) 216301O2MY005L IT-7502024456 Sold out
  ML / Minimal (Matte Black/White/Red) 216301O2MY005ML IT-7502024455 Sold out
  MS / Minimal (Matte Black/White/Red) 216301O2MY005MS IT-7502024453 Sold out
  S / Minimal (Matte Black/White/Red) 216301O2MY005S IT-7502024452 Sold out
  XL / Minimal (Matte Black/White/Red) 216301O2MY005XL IT-7502024457 Sold out
  XS / Minimal (Matte Black/White/Red) 216301O2MY005XS IT-7502024451 Sold out
  2XL / Rush (Black/Red) 216301O2MY002XXL IT-7502024428 Sold out
  L / Rush (Black/Red) 216301O2MY002L IT-7502024426 Sold out
  ML / Rush (Black/Red) 216301O2MY002ML IT-7502024425 Sold out
  MS / Rush (Black/Red) 216301O2MY002MS IT-7502024423 Sold out
  S / Rush (Black/Red) 216301O2MY002S IT-7502024422 In stock
  XL / Rush (Black/Red) 216301O2MY002XL IT-7502024427 Sold out
  XS / Rush (Black/Red) 216301O2MY002XS IT-7502024421 In stock
  2XL / Secret (Black/White) 216301O2MY001XXL IT-7502024418 Sold out
  L / Secret (Black/White) 216301O2MY001L IT-7502024416 Sold out
  ML / Secret (Black/White) 216301O2MY001ML IT-7502024415 Sold out
  MS / Secret (Black/White) 216301O2MY001MS IT-7502024413 Sold out
  S / Secret (Black/White) 216301O2MY001S IT-7502024412 Sold out
  XL / Secret (Black/White) 216301O2MY001XL IT-7502024417 Sold out
  XS / Secret (Black/White) 216301O2MY001XS IT-7502024411 Sold out
  2XL / Black 206301O4MY001XXL IT-7502024518 Sold out
  L / Black 206301O4MY001L IT-7502024516 Sold out
  ML / Black 206301O4MY001ML IT-7502024515 Sold out
  MS / Black 206301O4MY001MS IT-7502024513 Sold out
  S / Black 206301O4MY001S IT-7502024512 Sold out
  XL / Black 206301O4MY001XL IT-7502024517 Sold out
  XS / Black 206301O4MY001XS IT-7502024511 Sold out
  2XL / Nardo Grey 206301O4MY004XXL IT-7502024548 Sold out
  L / Nardo Grey 206301O4MY004L IT-7502024546 Sold out
  ML / Nardo Grey 206301O4MY004ML IT-7502024545 Sold out
  MS / Nardo Grey 206301O4MY004MS IT-7502024543 Sold out
  S / Nardo Grey 206301O4MY004S IT-7502024542 Sold out
  XL / Nardo Grey 206301O4MY004XL IT-7502024547 Sold out
  XS / Nardo Grey 206301O4MY004XS IT-7502024541 In stock
  2XL / White 206301O4MY003XXL IT-7502024538 Sold out
  L / White 206301O4MY003L IT-7502024536 Sold out
  ML / White 206301O4MY003ML IT-7502024535 Sold out
  MS / White 206301O4MY003MS IT-7502024533 Sold out
  S / White 206301O4MY003S IT-7502024532 Sold out
  XL / White 206301O4MY003XL IT-7502024537 Sold out
  XS / White 206301O4MY003XS IT-7502024531 Sold out

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