LS2 - Peak for Subverter Helmet

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Replacement Peak Subverter

Manufacturer's Part#: 03-268

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
Peak Blade Subverter Krome Black 03-411 K-395068 Expect delay
Peak Blade Suverter Krome Red 03-410 K-395067 Expect delay
Krome Glory 03-412 K-395069 Expect delay
Mips Solid Matte 03-308 K-199938 In stock
Matte Black / Green 03-487 K-395736 Expect delay
Gloss Red / Blue / Green / Black 03-488 K-395737 Expect delay
Black / High Vis 03-484 K-395733 Expect delay
Red / Black / High Vis 03-485 K-395734 Expect delay
Supercollider 03-489 K-395738 Expect delay
PU/HVS 03-486 K-395735 Expect delay
Gloss White 03-268 K-198828 In stock
White / Green 03-277 K-198837 Expect delay

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