DRCZeta - Aluminum Bolts (Flange & Taper) - D58-51-112

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  • Made of 7075 Aluminum
  • Light weight
  • Can be selected from flange-head or taper-head for each bolt size.
  • Suitable for mounting plastics and more.
  • Available in red and blue

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
  Flange Bolt - M6x12mm Blue 4Pk D58-51-112 K-022600 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x16mm Blue 4Pk D58-51-116 K-022601 In stock
  Flange Bolt - M6x20mm Blue 4Pk D58-51-120 K-022602 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x25mm Blue 4Pk D58-51-125 K-022603 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x30mm Blue 4Pk D58-51-130 K-022604 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x12mm Red 4Pk D58-51-212 K-022606 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x20mm Red 4Pk D58-51-220 K-022608 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x35mm Red 4Pk D58-51-235 K-022611 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x12mm Gold 4Pk D58-51-312 K-022612 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x16mm Gold 4Pk D58-51-316 K-022613 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x20mm Gold 4Pk D58-51-320 K-022614 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x25mm Gold 4Pk D58-51-325 K-022615 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x30mm Gold 4Pk D58-51-330 K-022616 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x35mm Gold 4Pk D58-51-335 K-022617 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x12mm Ti-Color 4Pk D58-51-412 K-022618 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x16mm Ti-Color 4Pk D58-51-416 K-022619 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x20mm Ti-Color 4Pk D58-51-420 K-022620 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x30mm Ti-Color 4Pk D58-51-430 K-022622 In stock
  Flange Bolt - M6x35mm Ti-Color 4Pk D58-51-435 K-022623 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x12mm Blue 4Pk D58-52-112 K-022624 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x16mm Blue 4Pk D58-52-116 K-022625 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x20mm Blue 4Pk D58-52-120 K-022626 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x25mm Blue 4Pk D58-52-125 K-022627 In stock
  Taper Bolts - M6x30mm Blue 4Pk D58-52-130 K-022628 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x35mm Blue 4Pk D58-52-135 K-022629 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x12mm Red 4Pk D58-52-212 K-022630 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x16mm Red 4Pk D58-52-216 K-022631 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x20mm Red 4Pk D58-52-220 K-022632 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x35mm Red 4Pk D58-52-235 K-022635 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x12mm Gold 4Pk D58-52-312 K-022636 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x16mm Gold 4Pk D58-52-316 K-022637 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x20mm Gold 4Pk D58-52-320 K-022638 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x35mm Gold 4Pk D58-52-335 K-022641 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x12mm Ti-Color 4Pk D58-52-412 K-022642 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x16mm Ti-Color 4Pk D58-52-416 K-022643 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x20mm Ti-Color 4Pk D58-52-420 K-022644 Available
  Taper Bolts - M6x35mm Ti-Color 4Pk D58-52-435 K-022647 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x25mm (25 pcs) D58-31-825 K-023153 Available
  Flange Bolt - M6x35mm (25 pcs) D58-31-835 K-023155 In stock

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