LV8 - Universal Motorcycle 'U' Stand (Rear)


Adapter Type: 'V' Fork Cursors (Bobbins Type)
Color: Black/Red
Sale price$169.99 CAD
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3-mountable piece patented rear stand, approved and used by major motorcycle brands.

Elevate has a wide range of professional paddock stands suitable for any type of motorcycle: sport, naked, enduro, trial, off road, racing and custom.


  • 3 pieces can be assembled without the use of screws/bolts
  •  Approved by major motorcycle brands
  • Patented and easy connection system
  • Anti-scratch protection when in contact with the ground
  • Seamless
  • Cursors holders in polyamide with grip knob with threaded pin
  • 4 coloured thermoplastic rubber wheels
  • Available in 7 colours

Technical Specifications

Box Dimension L. 51 x l 45 x H 11,5 cm
Weight 5 Kg
Epoxy powder painted steel pipe Ø 35×2 cm
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  'V' Fork Cursors (Bobbins Type) / Black/Red E620LV.KR LV8-E620LV_KR Available
  'V' Fork Cursors (Bobbins Type) / Black/Blue E620LV.KB LV8-E620LV_KB Available
  'V' Fork Cursors (Bobbins Type) / Black/Green E620LV.KG LV8-E620LV_KG Available
  'V' Fork Cursors (Bobbins Type) / Black/Yellow E620LV.KY LV8-E620LV_KY Available
  'V' Fork Cursors (Bobbins Type) / Black/Orange E620LV.KO LV8-E620LV_KO Available
  'V' Fork Cursors (Bobbins Type) / Black/White E620LV.KW LV8-E620LV_KW Available
  'V' Fork Cursors (Bobbins Type) / Black/Black E620LV.BK LV8-E620LV_BK Available
  'L' Rubber Cursors (Swing-Arm Type) / Black/Red E620LG.KR LV8-E620LG_KR Available
  'L' Rubber Cursors (Swing-Arm Type) / Black/Blue E620LG.KB LV8-E620LG_KB In stock
  'L' Rubber Cursors (Swing-Arm Type) / Black/Green E620LG.KG LV8-E620LG_KG Available
  'L' Rubber Cursors (Swing-Arm Type) / Black/Yellow E620LG.KY LV8-E620LG_KY Available
  'L' Rubber Cursors (Swing-Arm Type) / Black/Orange E620LG.KO LV8-E620LG_KO In stock
  'L' Rubber Cursors (Swing-Arm Type) / Black/White E620LG.KW LV8-E620LG_KW Available
  'L' Rubber Cursors (Swing-Arm Type) / Black/Black E620LG.BK LV8-E620LG_BK Available

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