DRCZeta - Master Brake and Clutch Cylinder Covers (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki) - ZS86-0118

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  • Made of CNC machined aluminum with anodized finish.
  • Makes your cylinder cover look exclusive.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Available for front and rear brake cylinder cover and clutch cylinder cover.
  • Please refer to the fitment chart below to select the right cover for your bike



Gold Titanium
GROM 13-14 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
MSX125 13-14 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
PCX150 13 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
CBR250R 11-14 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
Hornet 250 96-06 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
VTR/VTR-F 98-13 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
400X 13 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
CB400F 89-90 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CB400F 13 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
CB400SF 92-14 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CBR400R 13 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
CB500X 13-14 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
CB500F 13-14 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
CBR500R 13-14 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
CB600F 04-06 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CBR600F 91-06 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CBR600RR 03-06 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CBR600RR 07-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
CB650F 14 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CBR650F 14 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
NC700X/S 12-14 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
NT700V 10-11 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CB750 04-08 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
NC750X/S 14 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
VFR800 98-09 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
VFR800F 14 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CB900F 02-07 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CB1000 94-95 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CB1000R 11-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
CBR1000F 87-96 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CBR1000RR 06-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
CB1100 10-14 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CBR1100XX 97-03 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
ST1100 91-03 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
VFR1200X 14 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
CB1300SF 98-14 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
ST1300 03-13 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128
X-4 97-03 ZS86-0124 ZS86-0128


Gold Titanium
R6S 06-09 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
YZF-R6 99-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
FZ1 01-05 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
YZF-R1 98-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
XJR1200 94-96 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
FJR1300 3 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
XJR1300 98-13 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148


Gold Titanium
Ninja 250R 92-07 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
Ninja 250/R 08-14 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
Z250 13-14 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
Ninja 300 13-14 ZS86-0114 ZS86-0118
ER-4n 11-13 ZS86-0134 ZS86-0138
Ninja 400/R 11-14 ZS86-0134 ZS86-0138
ZRX 94-08 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZRX-II 95-06 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZZR400 93-06 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
Ninja 500 94-09 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZEPHYR ZR550 92-08 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
Ninja 600R 92-97 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZX-6 92-01 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZX-6R 95-97 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZX-6R 98-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
ZX-6RR 03-05 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
ZZR600 02-04 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZZR600 05-08 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
ER-6f 09-10 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ER-6n 09-14 ZS86-0134 ZS86-0138
Ninja 650/R 09-14 ZS86-0134 ZS86-0138
Ninja 650R 06-08 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
Versys 07-08 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
Versys 09-13 ZS86-0134 ZS86-0138
Z750 04-05 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
Z750 06-10 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
Z750S 05-07 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZR-7 0 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZR750 92-93 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZR-7S 01-05 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZX-7R 91-03 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
ZX-7RR 96-97 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
ZX-9R 94-97 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZX-9R 98-03 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
Ninja 1000 11-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
Versys1000 12-14 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
Z1000 03-06 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
Z1000 07-09 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
ZX-10R 04-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
GPZ1100 95-07 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZEPHYR1100 92-05 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZEPHYR1100RS 96-02 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZR1100 92-95 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZRX1100 99-00 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZX-11 92-01 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZRX1200DAEG 09-14 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZRX1200R 01-05 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZRX1200S 01-04 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZX-12R 00-05 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZZR1200 02-05 ZS86-0144 ZS86-0148
ZX-14 06-11 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
ZX-14R 12-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
ZZR1400 06-11 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418


Gold Titanium
GSR250 12-14 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSR250S 14 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GW250 12-14 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
INAZUMA250 12-14 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
BANDIT400 91-93 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GLADIUS400 10-13 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSR400 06-13 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSX-R600 97-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
GSX-R600W 92-93 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
GS650F 08-09 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
SV650 99-09 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
SV650S 99-09 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
V-Strom650 04-14 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GLADIUS650 9 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSR750 13-14 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSX-R750 93-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
GSX750F 89-06 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSX-R1000 01-14 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
SV1000 03-05 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
SV1000S 03-07 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
TL1000R 98-03 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
TL1000S 97-01 ZS86-0414 ZS86-0418
V-Strom1000 02-12 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSX-R1100 91-92 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSX-R1100W 93-98 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
BANDIT1200 97-05 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
BANDIT1250/S 07-14 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSX1250F 11 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158
GSX1300R(Hayabusa) 99-14 ZS86-0154 ZS86-0158

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
  ZS86-0118 - Titanium Color ZS86-0118 K-009675 In stock
  ZS86-0128 - Titanium Color ZS86-0128 K-009682 Available
  ZS86-0158 - Titanium Color ZS86-0158 K-009688 In stock
  ZS86-0414 - Gold ZS86-0414 K-009689 In stock
  ZS86-0428 - Titanium Color ZS86-0428 K-009692 Available
  ZS86-0168 - Titanium Color ZS86-0168 K-010945 Available

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