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• CE approved ""Class 2"" compression socks • With its special variable density weave, it compresses the muscle fibers in just the right points to assist blood circulation and therefore oxygenation of the tissues • This prevents lactic acid from accumulating in the calf muscles, which delays fatigue and drastically reduces recovery time • It can be used before starting the activity to quicken the warm-up, during the activity enhance performance, or right afterward to reduce recovery time • The polyamide yarn used, thanks to its parallel construction, guarantees breathability and sweat wicking • Compress-tech® very elastic fiber with parallel construction to provide maximum breathability • Thermoregulation, wind protection, H2O protection

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Orange/Black / 28/34 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0631 In stock
  Orange/Black / 32/38 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0632 In stock
  Orange/Black / 36/43 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0633 Available
  Orange/Black / 41/47 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0634 Available
  Blue/Green / 28/34 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0641 In stock
  Blue/Green / 32/38 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0642 In stock
  Blue/Green / 36/43 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0643 Available
  Blue/Green / 41/47 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0644 Available
  Green/Red / 28/34 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0651 In stock
  Green/Red / 32/38 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0652 In stock
  Green/Red / 36/43 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0653 In stock
  Green/Red / 41/47 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0654 Available
  Black/White / 28/34 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0661 In stock
  Black/White / 32/38 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0662 In stock
  Black/White / 36/43 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0663 In stock
  Black/White / 41/47 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0664 In stock
  Yellow/Green / 28/34 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0671 In stock
  Yellow/Green / 32/38 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0672 In stock
  Yellow/Green / 36/43 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0673 Available
  Yellow/Green / 41/47 RECOVERY SOCKS MV-600-0674 Available

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