Mitas - Terra Force-MX MH Motocross Competition Tire

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Red Stripe: Motocross competition tire. Developed in cooperation with many professional motocross riders on different tracks.
  • TERRA FORCE-MX MH is a motocross tyre for all types of terrain, from medium to hard.
  • The rear tyre knobs offer maximum traction on all terrain applications.
  • The surface area and new structure of tread compound ensure a balance between stiffness, reliability and long-lasting performance.
  • The tread pattern is designed for maximum traction, even with changing terrain conditions, to provide maximum speed and ride control.
  • The broad spacing between the central knobs provides maximum traction on intermediate to hard terrain.
  • The front tyre knobs have an arrow-like layout and the side knobs deliver directional accuracy on the straightaway.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  60/100-12 36J (Tube Tire)(226040#) 226040 K-355021 Available
  60/100-14 29M (Tube Tire)(226044#) 226044 K-355023 In stock
  60/100-14 30M TL(226045#) 226045 K-355046 In stock
  70/100-10 41J (Tube Tire)(226151#) 226151 K-355020 In stock
  70/100-17 40M (Tube Tire)(226162#) 226162 K-355026 Available
  70/100-19 42M (Tube Tire)SUPER(226174#) 226174 K-355045 Available
  70/100-19 42M TL(226173#) 226173 K-355027 Available
  80/100-12 50M TL(226005#) 226005 K-355022 In stock
  80/100-21 51M TL 226733 K-354545 In stock
  90/100-14 49M (Tube Tire)(226033#) 226033 K-355024 Available
  90/100-16 51M TL(226083#) 226083 K-355025 In stock
  90/100-16 51MTL(226085#) 226085 K-355040 Available
  90/100-21 57M (Tube Tire)Front 226657 K-354581 Available
  90/100-21 57M (Tube Tire)Front SUPER 226659 K-354593 Available
  90/100-21 57M (Tube Tire)Front Super LIGHT 226660 K-354594 In stock
  90/90-21 51M TL 226761 K-354548 In stock
  100/100-18 59M TL 226315 K-354530 Available
  100/90-19 57M TL 226797 K-354536 In stock
  110/100-18 64M TL 226649 K-354532 In stock
  110/90-19 62M TL 226798 K-354539 Available
  120/80-19 63M TL 226516 K-354542 In stock
  120/90-18 65M TL(226354#) 226354 K-355042 Available
  120/90-18 65M TL 226353 K-354534 Available

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