Furygan - Full Ride Racing Leather Suit

FuryganSKU: ITA-10-10058

Color: Black-white-silver
Size: 46/36
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Like our professional racers, the Full Ride leather suit is ready for a challenge. Protection, ergonomics - this new 'Airbag Ready' suit showcases all of our experience of racing, designed for those who cannot compromise on trust and performance. A real factory suit!

- Developed in our racing department, cut in our factory in Nîmes.

A material that is both resistant and elastic, strategically placed to maintain ease and comfort during the movements necessary for proper handling of a powered two-wheeler.


  • Material: Cow leather. and High tenacity bi-stretch inserts.

  • CE Standard: CE EPI

  • High tenacity bi-stretch inserts.
    A material that is both resistant and elastic, strategically placed to maintain ease and comfort during the movements necessary for proper handling of a powered two-wheeler.

  • Aramid fibres.
    Lightweight and heat resistant, Aramid fibre strengthens the materials it is used with against abrasion, and slows down heat transfer to the skin.

  • Compatible with the airbag vests using the In&motion technology.

  • High quality leather.
    Constructed from leather selected for its strength and thickness, this product has been designed to offer high abrasion resistance and true durability.

  • Triple stitching.
    A sewing technique for creating extremely tear and abrasion resistant seams, where a fold of material protects the main thread.

  • D3O® shoulder, knee and elbow protectors.
    Level 2. D3O® is a very soft material where molecules lock in the event of an impact to absorb kinetic ernergy. This technology makes it possible to create soft, ergonomic and top performing protectors for more security and comfort.

  • External shells on the shoulders and the knees.

  • Aerodynamic speed hump GP Specs.
    New aerodynamic speed hump, result of tests and wind tunnel studies with our World Superbike and MotoGP riders, to optimise drag and comfort in the speed position.

  • Removable liner.

  • Gussets behind the shoulders and on the elbows.
    For increased comfort and mobility when you get into the riding position.

  • Comfort Zones.
    Stretchable material between the legs, above the knees and the kidneys for better fit and comfort.

  • Neoprene inserts at the collar and on the wrists.
    For increased comfort.

  • Knee and elbow sliders.
    Developed to reduce the weight and optimise the contact surface without degrading the longevity nor the feeling with the track surface.

  • Selected perforated areas.
    For excellent air circulation during high-temperature rides, without compromising safety, the perforated areas have been optimised and carefully placed.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Black-white-silver / 46/36 6540.Black-white-silver.46/36 ITA-10-10058 Available
  Black-white-silver / 48/38 6540.Black-white-silver.48/38 ITA-10-10059 Available
  Black-white-silver / 50/40 6540.Black-white-silver.50/40 ITA-10-10060 Available
  Black-white-silver / 52/42 6540.Black-white-silver.52/42 ITA-10-10061 Available
  Black-white-silver / 54/44 6540.Black-white-silver.54/44 ITA-10-10062 Available
  Black-white-silver / 56/46 6540.Black-white-silver.56/46 ITA-10-10063 Available
  Black-white-silver / 58/48 6540.Black-white-silver.58/48 ITA-10-10064 Available
  Black-white-yellow / 46/36 6540.Black-white-yellow.46/36 ITA-10-10065 Available
  Black-white-yellow / 48/38 6540.Black-white-yellow.48/38 ITA-10-10066 Available
  Black-white-yellow / 50/40 6540.Black-white-yellow.50/40 ITA-10-10067 Available
  Black-white-yellow / 52/42 6540.Black-white-yellow.52/42 ITA-10-10068 Available
  Black-white-yellow / 54/44 6540.Black-white-yellow.54/44 ITA-10-10069 Available
  Black-white-yellow / 56/46 6540.Black-white-yellow.56/46 ITA-10-10070 Available
  Black-white-yellow / 58/48 6540.Black-white-yellow.58/48 ITA-10-10071 Available
  Black-white-blue / 46/36 6540.Black-white-blue.46/36 ITA-10-10072 Available
  Black-white-blue / 48/38 6540.Black-white-blue.48/38 ITA-10-10073 Available
  Black-white-blue / 50/40 6540.Black-white-blue.50/40 ITA-10-10074 Available
  Black-white-blue / 52/42 6540.Black-white-blue.52/42 ITA-10-10075 Available
  Black-white-blue / 54/44 6540.Black-white-blue.54/44 ITA-10-10076 Available
  Black-white-blue / 56/46 6540.Black-white-blue.56/46 ITA-10-10077 Available
  Black-white-blue / 58/48 6540.Black-white-blue.58/48 ITA-10-10078 Available
  Black-white-red / 46/36 6540.Black-white-red.46/36 ITA-10-10079 Available
  Black-white-red / 48/38 6540.Black-white-red.48/38 ITA-10-10080 Available
  Black-white-red / 50/40 6540.Black-white-red.50/40 ITA-10-10081 Available
  Black-white-red / 52/42 6540.Black-white-red.52/42 ITA-10-10082 Available
  Black-white-red / 54/44 6540.Black-white-red.54/44 ITA-10-10083 Available
  Black-white-red / 56/46 6540.Black-white-red.56/46 ITA-10-10084 Available
  Black-white-red / 58/48 6540.Black-white-red.58/48 ITA-10-10085 Available

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