Ultra-thin open end wrench set


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Do you struggle from swollen tool roll syndrome?

Here’s a set of German made drop forged open end wrenches (that’s spanners for some of you) that are super thin yet amazingly strong. Sized all the way from 6mm right through to 23mm, your beloved KTM will be almost entirely covered by this single set that fit into the palm of your hand. 

The thickest tool in this collection is less than 3mm thick and the whole set stacked are less than 19mm thick (a tick under 3/4” thick for all wrenches together). This will shed unwanted weight and free up space in your tool roll making you happier and lean.

Who doesn’t want to be slimmer nowadays??? Lose some fat and tighten your tool roll strap then hit the beach.

We are making these available to everyone because we love using them ourselves. Guaranteed for life.  


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