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The Seven Youth Annex 7 Dot Glove is the perfect starter glove for motocross. Priced right and featuring awesome technical aspects, including a sublimated 4-way stretch material. Sublimated materials mean that the graphic is a part of the glove, not just pressed on. Youth sizes are made for those aged 4 to 14.


  • Sublimated, 4-way stretch material construction for resistance-free mobility and comfort
  • Durable single-layered Clarino palm
  • Plush airprene cuff with velcro closure for a secure fit
  • Media stitch at thumb and index finger for easy mobile device navigation

Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
  Blue / YL 2210017-400-YL 2210017-400-YL Sold out
  Blue / YMD 2210017-400-YM 2210017-400-YM Sold out
  Blue / YS 2210017-400-YS 2210017-400-YS Sold out
  Blue / YXL 2210017-400-YXL 2210017-400-YXL Sold out
  Blue / YXS 2210017-400-YXS 2210017-400-YXS Sold out
  Blue / YXXS 2210017-400-YXXS 2210017-400-YXXS Sold out
  Aqua / YL 2210017-405-YL 2210017-405-YL Sold out
  Aqua / YMD 2210017-405-YM 2210017-405-YM Sold out
  Aqua / YS 2210017-405-YS 2210017-405-YS Sold out
  Aqua / YXL 2210017-405-YXL 2210017-405-YXL Sold out
  Aqua / YXS 2210017-405-YXS 2210017-405-YXS Sold out
  Aqua / YXXS 2210017-405-YXXS 2210017-405-YXXS Sold out
  Coral / YL 2210017-605-YL 2210017-605-YL Sold out
  Coral / YMD 2210017-605-YM 2210017-605-YM Sold out
  Coral / YS 2210017-605-YS 2210017-605-YS Sold out
  Coral / YXL 2210017-605-YXL 2210017-605-YXL Sold out
  Coral / YXS 2210017-605-YXS 2210017-605-YXS Sold out
  Flo Yellow / YL 2210017-701-YL 2210017-701-YL Sold out
  Flo Yellow / YMD 2210017-701-YM 2210017-701-YM Sold out
  Flo Yellow / YS 2210017-701-YS 2210017-701-YS Sold out
  Flo Yellow / YXL 2210017-701-YXL 2210017-701-YXL Sold out
  Flo Yellow / YXS 2210017-701-YXS 2210017-701-YXS Sold out
  Black / YL 2210014-001-YL 2210014-001-YL Sold out
  Black / YMD 2210014-001-YM 2210014-001-YM Sold out
  Black / YS 2210014-001-YS 2210014-001-YS Sold out
  Black / YXL 2210014-001-YXL 2210014-001-YXL Sold out
  Black / YXS 2210014-001-YXS 2210014-001-YXS Sold out
  Black / YXXS 2210014-001-YXXS 2210014-001-YXXS Sold out
  Mint / YL 2210014-313-YL 2210014-313-YL Sold out
  Mint / YMD 2210014-313-YM 2210014-313-YM Sold out
  Mint / YS 2210014-313-YS 2210014-313-YS Sold out
  Mint / YXL 2210014-313-YXL 2210014-313-YXL Sold out
  Mint / YXS 2210014-313-YXS 2210014-313-YXS Sold out
  Mint / YXXS 2210014-313-YXXS 2210014-313-YXXS Sold out
  Flo Green / YL 2210014-304-YL 2210014-304-YL Sold out
  Flo Green / YM 2210014-304-YM 2210014-304-YM Sold out
  Flo Green / YS 2210014-304-YS 2210014-304-YS Sold out
  Flo Green / YXL 2210014-304-YXL 2210014-304-YXL Sold out
  Flo Green / YXS 2210014-304-YXS 2210014-304-YXS Sold out
  Flo Green / YXXS 2210014-304-YXXS 2210014-304-YXXS Sold out
  Flo Red / YL 2210014-604-YL 2210014-604-YL Sold out
  Flo Red / YM 2210014-604-YM 2210014-604-YM Sold out
  Flo Red / YS 2210014-604-YS 2210014-604-YS Sold out
  Flo Red / YXL 2210014-604-YXL 2210014-604-YXL Sold out
  Flo Red / YXS 2210014-604-YXS 2210014-604-YXS Sold out
  Flo Red / YXXS 2210014-604-YXXS 2210014-604-YXXS Sold out

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