Seven - Vox Pursuit Jersey

Seven MXSKU: 2250058-313-S

Colour: Mint
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The Vox Pursuit Jersey is made of a plush moisture-wicking polyester material that keeps you cool and dry with a contoured fit and strategic stretch panels.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Mint / SM 2250058-313-S 2250058-313-S Sold out
  Black / 2XL 2250058-001-2XL 2250058-001-2XL Sold out
  Black / 3XL 2250058-001-3XL 2250058-001-3XL Sold out
  Black / LG 2250058-001-L 2250058-001-L Sold out
  Black / MD 2250058-001-M 2250058-001-M Sold out
  Black / SM 2250058-001-S 2250058-001-S Sold out
  Black / XL 2250058-001-XL 2250058-001-XL Sold out
  White / 2XL 2250058-100-2XL 2250058-100-2XL Sold out
  White / 3XL 2250058-100-3XL 2250058-100-3XL Sold out
  White / LG 2250058-100-L 2250058-100-L Sold out
  White / MD 2250058-100-M 2250058-100-M Sold out
  White / SM 2250058-100-S 2250058-100-S Sold out
  White / XL 2250058-100-XL 2250058-100-XL Sold out
  White / YL 2250058-100-YL 2250058-100-YL Sold out
  White / YMD 2250058-100-YM 2250058-100-YM Sold out
  White / YS 2250058-100-YS 2250058-100-YS Sold out
  White / YXL 2250058-100-YXL 2250058-100-YXL Sold out
  White / YXS 2250058-100-YXS 2250058-100-YXS Sold out
  White / YXXS 2250058-100-YXXS 2250058-100-YXXS Sold out
  Mint / 2XL 2250058-313-2XL 2250058-313-2XL Sold out
  Mint / 3XL 2250058-313-3XL 2250058-313-3XL Sold out
  Mint / LG 2250058-313-L 2250058-313-L Sold out
  Mint / MD 2250058-313-M 2250058-313-M Sold out
  Mint / XL 2250058-313-XL 2250058-313-XL Sold out
  Steel / 2XL 2250058-437-2XL 2250058-437-2XL Sold out
  Steel / 3XL 2250058-437-3XL 2250058-437-3XL Sold out
  Steel / LG 2250058-437-L 2250058-437-L Sold out
  Steel / MD 2250058-437-M 2250058-437-M Sold out
  Steel / SM 2250058-437-S 2250058-437-S Sold out
  Steel / XL 2250058-437-XL 2250058-437-XL Sold out

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