Rev' It - Jacket Torque 2 H2O Ladies

Rev' ItSKU: REVIT-FJT311-1010-L34

Color: Black
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Affordable, ventilated, waterproof, female-specific textile jacket for the Urban playground.

The popular-selling Torque Ladies motorcycle jacket introduced urban riders to a unique style. A style of garment that was fully ventilated, came with a detachable hydratex|Mesh G-liner construction - you know, to keep the water out when the sun doesn’t want to come out and play - and our forged carbon print. All of those characteristics carry over into the Torque 2 H2O Ladies motorcycle jacket, but we shake things up to keep it fresh. Changes like new trimmings, interesting materials contrasts, and modern cut will already make the style a new aesthetic. We also add a wind catcher feature behind the front zipper to minimize the cold reaching the body.

Adjustment points at the waist and arms let you tailor this casual sportive yet female-specific fit to your body should you need it. Aside from the Torque 2 H2O Ladies’ standout looks – thanks to the aforementioned and smartly integrated forged carbon print – its aggressive and angularly cut composition lets you know it means business in terms of keeping you safe and stylish.

Whether going for a casual ride around town or for a spin along the outskirts, feel the breeze with ease, and stay dry, with the Torque 2 H2O Ladies motorcycle jacket.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Black / Lady 34 REVIT-FJT311-1010-L34 Available
  Black / Lady 36 REVIT-FJT311-1010-L36 Available
  Black / Lady 38 REVIT-FJT311-1010-L38 Available
  Black / Lady 40 REVIT-FJT311-1010-L40 Available
  Black / Lady 42 REVIT-FJT311-1010-L42 Available
  Black / Lady 44 REVIT-FJT311-1010-L44 Available
  Black / Lady 46 REVIT-FJT311-1010-L46 Available
  Black-Anthracite / Lady 34 REVIT-FJT311-1050-L34 Available
  Black-Anthracite / Lady 36 REVIT-FJT311-1050-L36 Available
  Black-Anthracite / Lady 38 REVIT-FJT311-1050-L38 Available
  Black-Anthracite / Lady 40 REVIT-FJT311-1050-L40 Available
  Black-Anthracite / Lady 42 REVIT-FJT311-1050-L42 Available
  Black-Anthracite / Lady 44 REVIT-FJT311-1050-L44 Available
  Black-Anthracite / Lady 46 REVIT-FJT311-1050-L46 Available
  Black-Light Grey / Lady 34 REVIT-FJT311-1160-L34 Available
  Black-Light Grey / Lady 36 REVIT-FJT311-1160-L36 Available
  Black-Light Grey / Lady 38 REVIT-FJT311-1160-L38 Available
  Black-Light Grey / Lady 40 REVIT-FJT311-1160-L40 Available
  Black-Light Grey / Lady 42 REVIT-FJT311-1160-L42 Available
  Black-Light Grey / Lady 44 REVIT-FJT311-1160-L44 Available
  Black-Light Grey / Lady 46 REVIT-FJT311-1160-L46 Available

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