Mitas - Terra Force-MX SM Motocross Competition Tire

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Red Stripe: Motocross competition tire. Developed in cooperation with many professional motocross riders on different tracks.
  • TERRA FORCE-MX SM is a motocross tyre for varied conditions, from soft to medium.
  • These feature a tapered knob design that chisels its way through the soft ground to get traction.
  • The high well-spaced knobs are tied at the base to be reinforced for a longer life.
  • The front and rear tyres are designed in a similar way but with differences that work well together.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  60/100-12 36J TL(226037#) 226037 K-355029 Available
  70/100-10 41J TL(226150#) 226150 K-355028 In stock
  70/100-14 40M TL 226157 K-354528 In stock
  70/100-17 40M (Tube Tire)(226161#) 226161 K-355033 In stock
  70/100-17 40M TL(226164#) 226164 K-355050 Available
  70/100-19 42M TL(226175#) 226175 K-355051 Available
  70/100-19 42MTL(226172#) 226172 K-355034 In stock
  80/100-12 50M TL(226004#) 226004 K-355030 Available
  80/100-21 51M TL 226731 K-354544 In stock
  80/100-12 50M TL(226009#) 226009 K-355047 Available
  90/100-14 49M (Tube Tire)(226034#) 226034 K-355048 Available
  90/100-14 49M (Tube Tire)226032#) 226032 K-355031 In stock
  90/100-16 51M (Tube Tire)(226082#) 226082 K-355032 Available
  90/100-16 51M (Tube Tire)(226086#) 226086 K-355049 In stock
  90/90-21 51M TL 226760 K-354547 In stock
  90/90-21 54M (Tube Tire)SUPER 226757 K-354589 Available
  90/90-21 54MTL FT S-LIGHT 226758 K-354590 In stock
  100/100-18 59M TL 226311 K-354529 Available
  100/90-19 57M (Tube Tire) (226650#) 226650 K-355036 Available
  110/100-18 64M TL 226321 K-354531 In stock
  110/90-19 62M (Tube Tire)(226607#) 226607 K-355037 Available
  110/90-19 62M TL 226606 K-354538 In stock
  120/80-19 63M TL 226519 K-354541 In stock
  120/90-18 65M (Tube Tire)(226561#) 226561 K-355035 Available
  120/90-18 65M TL 226559 K-354533 In stock
  120/90-18 65M (Tube Tire)RR C-CROSS 226550 K-354582 Available

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