Furygan - Jet D3O® Goat Gloves

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Color: Black
Size: S
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The Jet D3O® is evolving by keeping the softness and lightness of the previous models, and integrating the D3O® technology for metacarpal protection, without a price change - who said bargain?

- 9 colours available - Available in a waterproof version (all seasons) and in two 100% leather versions. - Available in a Lady's version and a child's version.

Combining suppleness and resistance, goat leather provides first-rate protection, while offering an unrivalled feel for the handlebars.

Known for its resistance to abrasion and tearing, polyamide is the material of choice for protective clothing for motorbike users.


  • Material: Goat leather. and Polyamide.

  • CE Standard: EN 13594 : 2016 1KP

  • Polyamide.
    Known for its resistance to abrasion and tearing, polyamide is the material of choice for protective clothing for motorbike users.

  • 100% leather palms.

  • Palms reinforcements.

  • D3O® metacarpal protectors.
    D3O® is a very soft material where molecules lock in the event of an impact to absorb kinetic ernergy. This technology makes it possible to create soft, ergonomic and top performing protectors for more security and comfort.

  • Materials, a hybrid mix.
    The material mix provides a superior stage of comfort, while offering a high level of protection on the exposed zones during a crash.

  • Elastic material between the fingers.
    Thanks to this soft and elastic material placed between your fingers, the glove fits your hands perfectly.

  • Furygan Sensitive Science insert.
    An insert specifically developed to allow touch screen use (GPS, smartphones) without removing your gloves.

  • Elastic material between the fingers.
    Enjoy superior breathability thanks to the elastane inserts between the fingers, allowing air to enter and circulate through the gloves.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Black / S 4485.Black.S ITA-10-10938 Available
  Black / M 4485.Black.M ITA-10-10939 Available
  Black / L 4485.Black.L ITA-10-10940 Available
  Black / XL 4485.Black.XL ITA-10-10941 Available
  Black / 2XL 4485.Black.2XL ITA-10-10942 Available
  Black / 3XL 4485.Black.3XL ITA-10-10943 Available
  Black-fluo green / S 4485.Black-fluo green.S ITA-10-10944 Available
  Black-fluo green / M 4485.Black-fluo green.M ITA-10-10945 Available
  Black-fluo green / L 4485.Black-fluo green.L ITA-10-10946 Available
  Black-fluo green / XL 4485.Black-fluo green.XL ITA-10-10947 Available
  Black-fluo green / 2XL 4485.Black-fluo green.2XL ITA-10-10948 Available
  Black-fluo green / 3XL 4485.Black-fluo green.3XL ITA-10-10949 Available
  Black-red / S 4485.Black-red.S ITA-10-10956 Available
  Black-red / M 4485.Black-red.M ITA-10-10957 Available
  Black-red / L 4485.Black-red.L ITA-10-10958 Available
  Black-red / XL 4485.Black-red.XL ITA-10-10959 Available
  Black-red / 2XL 4485.Black-red.2XL ITA-10-10960 Available
  Black-red / 3XL 4485.Black-red.3XL ITA-10-10961 Available
  Black-blue / S 4485.Black-blue.S ITA-10-10962 Available
  Black-blue / M 4485.Black-blue.M ITA-10-10963 Available
  Black-blue / L 4485.Black-blue.L ITA-10-10964 Available
  Black-blue / XL 4485.Black-blue.XL ITA-10-10965 Available
  Black-blue / 2XL 4485.Black-blue.2XL ITA-10-10966 Available
  Black-blue / 3XL 4485.Black-blue.3XL ITA-10-10967 Available
  Black-white / S 4485.Black-white.S ITA-10-10968 Available
  Black-white / M 4485.Black-white.M ITA-10-10969 Available
  Black-white / L 4485.Black-white.L ITA-10-10970 Available
  Black-white / XL 4485.Black-white.XL ITA-10-10971 Available
  Black-white / 2XL 4485.Black-white.2XL ITA-10-10972 Available
  Black-white / 3XL 4485.Black-white.3XL ITA-10-10973 Available
  Black- orange / S 4485.Black- orange.S ITA-10-10974 Available
  Black- orange / M 4485.Black- orange.M ITA-10-10975 Available
  Black- orange / L 4485.Black- orange.L ITA-10-10976 Available
  Black- orange / XL 4485.Black- orange.XL ITA-10-10977 Available
  Black- orange / 2XL 4485.Black- orange.2XL ITA-10-10978 Available
  Black- orange / 3XL 4485.Black- orange.3XL ITA-10-10979 Available
  Sand-black / S 4485.Sand-black.S ITA-10-12132 Available
  Sand-black / M 4485.Sand-black.M ITA-10-12133 Available
  Sand-black / L 4485.Sand-black.L ITA-10-12134 Available
  Sand-black / XL 4485.Sand-black.XL ITA-10-12135 Available
  Sand-black / 2XL 4485.Sand-black.2XL ITA-10-12136 Available
  Sand-black / 3XL 4485.Sand-black.3XL ITA-10-12137 Available
  Blue-black / S 4485.Blue-black.S ITA-10-12138 Available
  Blue-black / M 4485.Blue-black.M ITA-10-12139 Available
  Blue-black / L 4485.Blue-black.L ITA-10-12140 Available
  Blue-black / XL 4485.Blue-black.XL ITA-10-12141 Available
  Blue-black / 2XL 4485.Blue-black.2XL ITA-10-12142 Available
  Blue-black / 3XL 4485.Blue-black.3XL ITA-10-12143 Available

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