Furygan - Jet All Season D3O® Goat Gloves

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Color: Black
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Ideal for autumn rides, the Jet All Season D3O® comes back, softer and more protective. Now equipped with a D3O® shell, as well as a 100% leather palm, these gloves are positioned as the bargain buy for autumn.

- Available for men and women. - Available in a summer version.

Combining suppleness and resistance, goat leather provides first-rate protection, while offering an unrivalled feel for the handlebars.


  • Material: Goat leather. and High tenacity Polyamide, water repellant treated.

  • CE Standard: EN 13594 : 2016 1KP

  • High tenacity Polyamide, water repellant treated.

  • 100% leather palms.

  • Palms reinforcements.

  • D3O® metacarpal protectors.
    D3O® is a very soft material where molecules lock in the event of an impact to absorb kinetic ernergy. This technology makes it possible to create soft, ergonomic and top performing protectors for more security and comfort.

  • Materials, a hybrid mix.
    The material mix provides a superior stage of comfort, while offering a high level of protection on the exposed zones during a crash.

  • Precise wrist tightening.
    For gloves that always fit perfectly.

  • Furygan Sensitive Science insert.
    An insert specifically developed to allow touch screen use (GPS, smartphones) without removing your gloves.

  • Waterproof and breathable insert.

  • Mid-season lining.
    Made of brushed knit fabric, it helps to retain warmth and provides soft comfort without compromising the feel of the levers.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Black / S 4531.Black.S ITA-10-11248 Available
  Black / M 4531.Black.M ITA-10-11249 Available
  Black / L 4531.Black.L ITA-10-11250 Available
  Black / XL 4531.Black.XL ITA-10-11251 Available
  Black / 2XL 4531.Black.2XL ITA-10-11252 Available
  Black / 3XL 4531.Black.3XL ITA-10-11253 Available
  Black-blue / S 4531.Black-blue.S ITA-10-11254 Available
  Black-blue / M 4531.Black-blue.M ITA-10-11255 Available
  Black-blue / L 4531.Black-blue.L ITA-10-11256 Available
  Black-blue / XL 4531.Black-blue.XL ITA-10-11257 Available
  Black-blue / 2XL 4531.Black-blue.2XL ITA-10-11258 Available
  Black-blue / 3XL 4531.Black-blue.3XL ITA-10-11259 Available
  Black-red / S 4531.Black-red.S ITA-10-11260 Available
  Black-red / M 4531.Black-red.M ITA-10-11261 Available
  Black-red / L 4531.Black-red.L ITA-10-11262 Available
  Black-red / XL 4531.Black-red.XL ITA-10-11263 Available
  Black-red / 2XL 4531.Black-red.2XL ITA-10-11264 Available
  Black-red / 3XL 4531.Black-red.3XL ITA-10-11265 Available
  Black-white / S 4531.Black-white.S ITA-10-11266 Available
  Black-white / M 4531.Black-white.M ITA-10-11267 Available
  Black-white / L 4531.Black-white.L ITA-10-11268 Available
  Black-white / XL 4531.Black-white.XL ITA-10-11269 Available
  Black-white / 2XL 4531.Black-white.2XL ITA-10-11270 Available
  Black-white / 3XL 4531.Black-white.3XL ITA-10-11271 Available
  Sand-black / S 4531.Sand-black.S ITA-10-12360 Available
  Sand-black / M 4531.Sand-black.M ITA-10-12361 Available
  Sand-black / L 4531.Sand-black.L ITA-10-12362 Available
  Sand-black / XL 4531.Sand-black.XL ITA-10-12363 Available
  Sand-black / 2XL 4531.Sand-black.2XL ITA-10-12364 Available
  Sand-black / 3XL 4531.Sand-black.3XL ITA-10-12365 Available
  Blue-black / S 4531.Blue-black.S ITA-10-12366 Available
  Blue-black / M 4531.Blue-black.M ITA-10-12367 Available
  Blue-black / L 4531.Blue-black.L ITA-10-12368 Available
  Blue-black / XL 4531.Blue-black.XL ITA-10-12369 Available
  Blue-black / 2XL 4531.Blue-black.2XL ITA-10-12370 Available
  Blue-black / 3XL 4531.Blue-black.3XL ITA-10-12371 Available

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