Furygan - Brevent 3in1 Jacket

FuryganSKU: ITA-10-12648

Color: Pearl-charcoal
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All weather, all terrains, all adventures. As you can see, any occasion is a good one to ride with the rugged and ultra-versatile Brevent 3W1 jacket. With its removable and technical linings, its large adjustable ventilation zones, it will accompany you whatever the conditions.

- Put together an ultra versatile outfit - Enjoy maximum airflow when temperatures rise with the combination of 3in1 and A.F.S. Max technologies.

Widely used in the military, aerospace, sports and fashion industries for years, the reinforced mesh of this fabric is designed to ensure strength and prevent the spread of a tear.


  • Material: Ripstop. and High tenacity Polyester, water repellant treated.

  • CE Standard: EN 17092 : 2020 AA

  • High tenacity Polyester, water repellant treated.

  • Back protector pocket.
    Designed to fit the Furygan D3O® "Full Back Fury" level 2 back protector.

  • Numerous reflective inserts.

  • D3O® shoulder and elbow protectors.
    D3O® is a very soft material where molecules lock in the event of an impact to absorb kinetic ernergy. This technology makes it possible to create soft, ergonomic and top performing protectors for more security and comfort.

  • Neoprene inserts at the collar.
    For increased comfort.

  • 9 pockets.
    6 outside including one on the back and one credit card pocket. 3 inside including a waterproof one.

  • Trouser connecting zip.
    Compatible as standard, all Furygan trousers are equipped with connecting zips, in textile or leather. The zips are delivered complete, so that they can be sewn onto non-compatible products.

  • 3in1.
    Two liners and three configurations for maximum versatility, and a Warm, Waterproof and Windproof jacket when complete.

  • AFS Max.
    Air Flow System Max, an adjustable ventilation system for extended air flow in the garment.

  • Mesh.
    The Mesh, present in large panels and optimally placed, allows for increased airflow through the garment, and maximum breathability.

  • Light and breathable fixed lining.

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Pearl-charcoal / S 6456.Pearl-charcoal.S ITA-10-12648 Available
  Pearl-charcoal / M 6456.Pearl-charcoal.M ITA-10-12649 Available
  Pearl-charcoal / L 6456.Pearl-charcoal.L ITA-10-12650 Available
  Pearl-charcoal / XL 6456.Pearl-charcoal.XL ITA-10-12651 Available
  Pearl-charcoal / 2XL 6456.Pearl-charcoal.2XL ITA-10-12652 Available
  Pearl-charcoal / 3XL 6456.Pearl-charcoal.3XL ITA-10-12653 Available
  Pearl-charcoal / 4XL 6456.Pearl-charcoal.4XL ITA-10-12654 Available
  Pearl-blue / S 6456.Pearl-blue.S ITA-10-12655 Available
  Pearl-blue / M 6456.Pearl-blue.M ITA-10-12656 Available
  Pearl-blue / L 6456.Pearl-blue.L ITA-10-12657 Available
  Pearl-blue / XL 6456.Pearl-blue.XL ITA-10-12658 Available
  Pearl-blue / 2XL 6456.Pearl-blue.2XL ITA-10-12659 Available
  Pearl-blue / 3XL 6456.Pearl-blue.3XL ITA-10-12660 Available
  Pearl-blue / 4XL 6456.Pearl-blue.4XL ITA-10-12661 Available
  Brown-sand-charcoal / S 6456.Brown-sand-charcoal.S ITA-10-12840 Available
  Brown-sand-charcoal / M 6456.Brown-sand-charcoal.M ITA-10-12841 Available
  Brown-sand-charcoal / L 6456.Brown-sand-charcoal.L ITA-10-12842 Available
  Brown-sand-charcoal / XL 6456.Brown-sand-charcoal.XL ITA-10-12843 Available
  Brown-sand-charcoal / 2XL 6456.Brown-sand-charcoal.2XL ITA-10-12844 Available
  Brown-sand-charcoal / 3XL 6456.Brown-sand-charcoal.3XL ITA-10-12845 Available
  Brown-sand-charcoal / 4XL 6456.Brown-sand-charcoal.4XL ITA-10-12846 Available
  Black-grey / S 6456.Black-grey.S ITA-10-13128 Available
  Black-grey / M 6456.Black-grey.M ITA-10-13129 Available
  Black-grey / L 6456.Black-grey.L ITA-10-13130 Available
  Black-grey / XL 6456.Black-grey.XL ITA-10-13131 Available
  Black-grey / 2XL 6456.Black-grey.2XL ITA-10-13132 Available
  Black-grey / 3XL 6456.Black-grey.3XL ITA-10-13133 Available
  Black-grey / 4XL 6456.Black-grey.4XL ITA-10-13134 Available

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