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Size: XS
Colour: Warmup (Red)
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K1 is the AGV sport helmet for everyday riding challenges. Born from the AGV racing technology, ready for every road experience. The aerodynamic shape, racing-developed front air vents, and wind-tunnel-tested spoiler maximize performances and give stability at higher speeds. The anti-scratch visor with Pinlock® anti-fog allows a wider vertical and lateral field of vision. Comfort is not compromised with Dry-Comfort soft and removable interiors. Competition is a matter of fact.


  • Shell in High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin engineered in 2 sizes with a 4-density EPS structure developed in 4 sizes.
  • Integrated Ventilation System with 5 large front vents and 2 rear extractors hollowed in the shell which direct air to the rider’s head. All the air vents are adjustable. Rear extractors are integrated into the spoiler.
  • The spoiler integrated into the shell profile is inspired by Pista GP R’s Biplano and wind tunnel tested to maximize aerodynamic performance and stability.
  • Dry-Comfort fabric interiors with removable nose guard and wind protector. All parts are easily removable and washable.
  • Fit especially designed to allow wearing glasses.
  • Anti-scratch and Pinlock ready visor is designed for maximum vertical and lateral visibility. The visor is available in 2 different sizes to optimize the match between the visor and shell in any size and to reduce air drafts and noise.
  • Visor micro-opening system to boost airflow.
  • Patented Extra Quick Release System visor mechanism with multiple steps.
  • Double-D ring retention system.
  • Ready for a generic communication system.
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  2XL / Black 200281O4I0002011 IT-7501923518 Sold out
  L / Black 200281O4I0002009 IT-7501923516 Sold out
  ML / Black 200281O4I0002008 IT-7501923515 Sold out
  MS / Black 200281O4I0002006 IT-7501923513 Sold out
  S / Black 200281O4I0002005 IT-7501923512 Sold out
  XL / Black 200281O4I0002010 IT-7501923517 Sold out
  XS / Black 200281O4I0002004 IT-7501923511 Sold out
  S / White 200281O4I0001005 IT-7501923522 Sold out
  XS / White 200281O4I0001004 IT-7501923521 Sold out
  2XL / Replica (Dreamtime) 210281O0I0005011 IT-7501923138 Sold out
  L / Replica (Dreamtime) 210281O0I0005009 IT-7501923136 Sold out
  ML / Replica (Dreamtime) 210281O0I0005008 IT-7501923135 Sold out
  MS / Replica (Dreamtime) 210281O0I0005006 IT-7501923133 Sold out
  S / Replica (Dreamtime) 210281O0I0005005 IT-7501923132 Sold out
  XL / Replica (Dreamtime) 210281O0I0005010 IT-7501923137 Sold out
  XS / Replica (Dreamtime) 210281O0I0005004 IT-7501923131 Sold out
  2XL / Replica (Flavum 46) 210281O0I0002011 IT-7501923168 Sold out
  L / Replica (Flavum 46) 210281O0I0002009 IT-7501923166 Sold out
  ML / Replica (Flavum 46) 210281O0I0002008 IT-7501923165 Sold out
  MS / Replica (Flavum 46) 210281O0I0002006 IT-7501923163 Sold out
  S / Replica (Flavum 46) 210281O0I0002005 IT-7501923162 Sold out
  XL / Replica (Flavum 46) 210281O0I0002010 IT-7501923167 Sold out
  XS / Replica (Flavum 46) 210281O0I0002004 IT-7501923161 Sold out
  2XL / Replica (Gothic 46) 210281O0I0006011 IT-7501923148 Sold out
  L / Replica (Gothic 46) 210281O0I0006009 IT-7501923146 Sold out
  ML / Replica (Gothic 46) 210281O0I0006008 IT-7501923145 Sold out
  MS / Replica (Gothic 46) 210281O0I0006006 IT-7501923143 Sold out
  S / Replica (Gothic 46) 210281O0I0006005 IT-7501923142 Sold out
  XL / Replica (Gothic 46) 210281O0I0006010 IT-7501923147 Sold out
  XS / Replica (Gothic 46) 210281O0I0006004 IT-7501923141 Sold out
  2XL / Pitlane (Blue) 210281O2I0003011 IT-7501923438 Sold out
  L / Pitlane (Blue) 210281O2I0003009 IT-7501923436 Sold out
  ML / Pitlane (Blue) 210281O2I0003008 IT-7501923435 Sold out
  MS / Pitlane (Blue) 210281O2I0003006 IT-7501923433 Sold out
  S / Pitlane (Blue) 210281O2I0003005 IT-7501923432 Sold out
  XL / Pitlane (Blue) 210281O2I0003010 IT-7501923437 Sold out
  XS / Pitlane (Blue) 210281O2I0003004 IT-7501923431 Sold out
  2XL / Power (Gunmetal/White/Green) 210281O2I0007XXL IT-7502023428 Sold out
  L / Power (Gunmetal/White/Green) 210281O2I0007L IT-7502023426 Sold out
  ML / Power (Gunmetal/White/Green) 210281O2I0007ML IT-7502023425 Sold out
  MS / Power (Gunmetal/White/Green) 210281O2I0007MS IT-7502023423 Sold out
  S / Power (Gunmetal/White/Green) 210281O2I0007S IT-7502023422 Sold out
  XL / Power (Gunmetal/White/Green) 210281O2I0007XL IT-7502023427 Sold out
  XS / Power (Gunmetal/White/Green) 210281O2I0007XS IT-7502023421 Sold out
  2XL / Power (Matte Dark Blue/Orange/White) 210281O2I0008XXL IT-7502023438 Sold out
  L / Power (Matte Dark Blue/Orange/White) 210281O2I0008L IT-7502023436 Sold out
  ML / Power (Matte Dark Blue/Orange/White) 210281O2I0008ML IT-7502023435 Sold out
  MS / Power (Matte Dark Blue/Orange/White) 210281O2I0008MS IT-7502023433 Sold out
  S / Power (Matte Dark Blue/Orange/White) 210281O2I0008S IT-7502023432 Sold out
  XL / Power (Matte Dark Blue/Orange/White) 210281O2I0008XL IT-7502023437 Sold out
  XS / Power (Matte Dark Blue/Orange/White) 210281O2I0008XS IT-7502023431 Sold out
  2XL / Qualify (Blue) 210281O2I0005011 IT-7501923458 Sold out
  L / Qualify (Blue) 210281O2I0005009 IT-7501923456 Sold out
  ML / Qualify (Blue) 210281O2I0005008 IT-7501923455 Sold out
  MS / Qualify (Blue) 210281O2I0005006 IT-7501923453 Sold out
  S / Qualify (Blue) 210281O2I0005005 IT-7501923452 Sold out
  XL / Qualify (Blue) 210281O2I0005010 IT-7501923457 Sold out
  XS / Qualify (Blue) 210281O2I0005004 IT-7501923451 Sold out
  2XL / Qualify (Lime) 210281O2I0004011 IT-7501923448 Sold out
  L / Qualify (Lime) 210281O2I0004009 IT-7501923446 Sold out
  ML / Qualify (Lime) 210281O2I0004008 IT-7501923445 Sold out
  MS / Qualify (Lime) 210281O2I0004006 IT-7501923443 Sold out
  S / Qualify (Lime) 210281O2I0004005 IT-7501923442 Sold out
  XL / Qualify (Lime) 210281O2I0004010 IT-7501923447 Sold out
  XS / Qualify (Lime) 210281O2I0004004 IT-7501923441 Sold out
  2XL / Warmup (Black/Pink) 210281O2I0006XXL IT-7502023418 Sold out
  L / Warmup (Black/Pink) 210281O2I0006L IT-7502023416 Sold out
  ML / Warmup (Black/Pink) 210281O2I0006ML IT-7502023415 Sold out
  MS / Warmup (Black/Pink) 210281O2I0006MS IT-7502023413 Sold out
  S / Warmup (Black/Pink) 210281O2I0006S IT-7502023412 Sold out
  XL / Warmup (Black/Pink) 210281O2I0006XL IT-7502023417 Sold out
  XS / Warmup (Black/Pink) 210281O2I0006XS IT-7502023411 Sold out
  2XL / Warmup (Orange) 210281O2I0001011 IT-7501923418 Sold out
  L / Warmup (Orange) 210281O2I0001009 IT-7501923416 Sold out
  ML / Warmup (Orange) 210281O2I0001008 IT-7501923415 Sold out
  MS / Warmup (Orange) 210281O2I0001006 IT-7501923413 Sold out
  S / Warmup (Orange) 210281O2I0001005 IT-7501923412 Sold out
  XL / Warmup (Orange) 210281O2I0001010 IT-7501923417 Sold out
  XS / Warmup (Orange) 210281O2I0001004 IT-7501923411 Sold out
  2XL / Warmup (Red) 210281O2I0002011 IT-7501923428 Sold out
  L / Warmup (Red) 210281O2I0002009 IT-7501923426 Sold out
  ML / Warmup (Red) 210281O2I0002008 IT-7501923425 Sold out
  MS / Warmup (Red) 210281O2I0002006 IT-7501923423 Sold out
  S / Warmup (Red) 210281O2I0002005 IT-7501923422 Sold out
  XL / Warmup (Red) 210281O2I0002010 IT-7501923427 Sold out
  XS / Warmup (Red) 210281O2I0002004 IT-7501923421 In stock
  2XL / Matte Black 200281O4I0003011 IT-7501923538 In stock
  L / Matte Black 200281O4I0003009 IT-7501923536 Sold out
  ML / Matte Black 200281O4I0003008 IT-7501923535 Sold out
  MS / Matte Black 200281O4I0003006 IT-7501923533 Sold out
  S / Matte Black 200281O4I0003005 IT-7501923532 Sold out
  XL / Matte Black 200281O4I0003010 IT-7501923537 Sold out
  XS / Matte Black 200281O4I0003004 IT-7501923531 In stock
  2XL / White 200281O4I0001011 IT-7501923528 Sold out
  L / White 200281O4I0001009 IT-7501923526 Sold out
  ML / White 200281O4I0001008 IT-7501923525 Sold out
  MS / White 200281O4I0001006 IT-7501923523 Sold out
  XL / White 200281O4I0001010 IT-7501923527 Sold out

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